The Royal Birth – Kate is in Labor – What to Expect Now??

By on July 22, 2013

With Kate Middleton in labor with the Royal Baby, it could be hours before the baby is born!  What can we expect once the baby is born??


After the child is born, the Queen will be the first to hear the news, with Prince William calling her first. A signed medical bulletin will be carried from the hospital through the streets of London, to Buckingham Palace to announce a child has been born. A two mile ride that will be broadcast live around the world from a tv helicopter. The declaration will be placed on an easel in front of Buckingham Palace, just like it was with Prince William.

A 41 gun salute and 62 cannon blasts from the Tower of London will mark the arrival of the new generation.

Finally, when the Duchess has been released from the hospital, Prince William and Kate, will stand on the steps of St. Mary’s hospital, as Princess Diana and Prince Charles did 31 years ago for the birth of Prince William.

While we will find out the weight and all the details of the baby, the name may not be known for some time.

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