AGT 2013 D’Angelo and Amanda Paso Doble Video – America’s Got Talent 2013

By on August 21, 2013
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agt angelo and amanda


America’s Got Talent 2013 semi- final rounds start next week, which means tonight was the last group of contestants competing for their spot.  The competition was tough, but D’Angelo and Amanda’s performance was stunning!!

*America’s Got Talent recap 8/20/13*

Contestant: D’Angelo and Amanda

Talent: Ballroom Dancing
Performance Notes: It was a very good dance (from all my experience recapping Dancing With The Stars I am totally qualified to say that), and for two pre-teens, these two certainly have a lot of passion and intensity in their acts
The Results: D’Angelo and Amanda received the first four judge standing ovation of the night! Howie said the fierceness and intensity is astounding, and he felt it was “perfect and precise.” Mel B. said it was “definitely full-on” and that “technically, [they were] flawless” and ended with saying she absolutely loved it. Heidi said she loved it as well, and then gave the duo a 10 on a hand-written scorecard. Howard said that they are terrific and “ditto on everything the other judges said.” He also said they need to keep in mind what makes them so terrific, so that they can continue to up the ante through the rest of the competition, as he’s anticipating that they go on through the next round.

America’s Got Talent 2013 Semi-Finalists Complete List Revealed 8/21/13


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