Video: Big Brother 15 Jeff Schroeder Chats with Elissa’s Sister Rachel Reilly

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big brother 2013 rachel

Big Brother alum Jeff Schroeder had a chat with former BB houseguest Rachel Reilly. Rachel is the sister of current houseguest Elissa Slater.

In addition to competing with Big Brother 11 showmance partner Jordan Lloyd on The Amazing Race 15, Jeff hosted the CBS online show Around the World for Free, returned with Jordan to Big Brother to compete again in season 13 and has been hosting interviews and chat videos for Big Brother 15.

Big Brother 2013 Recap 8/15/13 – Who Was Evicted??

Come hang out with Jeff and former houseguest Rachel Reilly, as they discuss in-game strategies, the current season’s house guests, and life outside of the Big Brother house in the video on the next page.


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