America’s Got Talent Recap 9/17/13 – Season 8 Final Six Perform

By on September 17, 2013
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Contestant: Jimmy Rose- Watch Video
Talent: Country Singer
Performance Notes: Jimmy did a great rendition of the selected song (which I’m not familiar with) but, honestly, I don’t know that it will be enough to push him ahead of Taylor, Kenichi, and Cami – who I see as the Top 3 performers so far.
The Results: Mel said she enjoyed the performance and that, on top of it, “he’s just really nice.” Howie said he didn’t love the performance that much because there was no dynamic to the song. Howard agreed with Mel that Jimmy is a nice guy, but he thinks that this song may have cost him the win. Heidi finished off saying it was a beautiful song, but maybe the choice wasn’t great.

Contestant: Taylor Williamson
Talent: Comedian
Performance Notes: Okay so, due to the fact that Taylor’s first performance this evening was AMAZING, this one fell a teensy-bit flat for me.
The Results: … BUT the audience was chanting his name, the judges were laughing and smiling – things went well. Heidi said that she loved his performance and she loves Taylor and “their weird connection.” The best thing about Taylor is that he keeps his act going during his discussion with the judges – and I say discussion because they all banter back and forth. Mel said “you’re just FUNNY, there’s nothing else to it.” Howie said that he’s “brilliant and tough” and that he loved the performance. Howard wrapped it up, saying that he thinks comedians get overlooked on AGT, and he feels like Taylor is the act to break the barrier.

Contestant: Kenichi – Watch Video
Talent: Dancing and doing matrix-y things
Performance Notes: It appears that Kenichi was trying desperately to spice up his act this time, and did this interesting thing where he had 10 or so versions of him dancing along side him actually dancing.
The Results: Mel didn’t love the performance, but was “the only one in Radio City not standing.” Heidi said that she thinks his creativity is relentless and that she would definitely vote for him. Howard said that Mel is being ridiculous, and that he thinks Kenichi’s act “was so brilliant.” Howie wrapped it up by saying what I heard him say 34034 times on the red carpet – that he thinks Kenichi and Taylor deserve to win much more than the singers, since their acts take so much more “talent” and creativity.

Contestant: Forte – Watch Video
Talent: Opera Singers
Performance Notes: This performance was fanastic, as always. It was also in Italian(?) so I’m not quite sure what they were singing.
The Results: All four judges gave the group a standing ovation and Heidi kicked off the praise saying that she loves this song in it’s original versions, and she loved this rendition. Mel commented on the fact that she thinks its amazing that these three men didn’t know each other before they started performing on AGT together. Howard said he didn’t want to like it, and he wants to be negative but he can’t – because they’re just so good.

And there you have it! Make sure you vote for your favorite performer since this is your last shot to try to secure a win for them. The winner will be announced TOMORROW so tune in!

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