Law & Order: SVU Recap 9/25/13 Season Premiere – “Surrender Benson” and “Imprisoned Lives”

By on September 26, 2013
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Luckily for the NYPD it seems as though every lead they chase puts them in the right direction, just one step behind Lewis. By now Olivia has been with Lewis for four days and just when it looks like it can’t get any worse, it does. Lewis has Liv tied up to a bed in a house that he broke into, and for the first time we witness Benson wave her white flag. “I want to live,” she begs to Lewis. “I’ll do anything.”

While Lewis has Liv tied up and bound, a maid for the house that he broke into and her daughter come by. Lewis greets them, while Liv is in the other room trying her hardest to get their attention, or is she? Lewis jumps at the chance to take two more victims into his possession. Lewis comes back to join Olivia in the bedroom and there are a few words exchanged and then out of nowhere she rises up from the bed with the handcuffs still around her wrists and the wrought iron pole above her head and strikes Lewis. With the adrenaline pumping, she grabs his gun and all of a sudden the tables have turned on Lewis.

Detective Olivia Benson is back in charge, but her head isn’t in the right place because she was just held captive and tortured for four days straight. For the fans who still miss Detective Stabler, there’s no doubt that they weren’t happy when Liv mentioned that her old partner would know what to do when it came to punishing Lewis. Olivia is nothing like Elliot because even though she says she’d very much like to put a hole in Lewis’ head she restrains herself, that is until she picks up the iron pole and repeatedly beats him until we believe him to be dead.

When the NYPD finally arrive, it is her partner Nick Amaro who brings her to safety and comforts her when she finds out that somehow Lewis is still alive. Following protocol Benson is brought in to describe what happened and we find out that she lies saying that Lewis attacked which lead to the severe beating he sustained. However, at this point who could blame her? The scumbag walked free last season and started out this season kidnapping and torturing one of the most loved detectives.

So after all these months SVU had us viewers wondering who was going to save her, and even made some fans ask if Stabler would come to Olivia’s rescue. Not this time, it was Benson who saved herself. I’d say they had us fooled the whole time, but deep down I knew Benson had it in her.

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