Video: AGT Taylor Williamson Comedy America’s Got Talent Finals

By on September 17, 2013
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Comedian Taylor Williamson gave an amazing comedy show during America’s Got Talent 8 Finale. The top six finalists competed one last time live at the legendary Radio City Music Hall for the chance to win one million dollars and be named the most talented act in America.

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Contestant: Taylor Williamson
Talent: Comedian
Performance Notes: Taylor is quite bummed about having to perform the same jokes that he did at an earlier show, since “comedy doesn’t work that way” – so he did a little spin on it, bringing out a “camel” and a choir – and it’s HILARIOUS.
The Results: Mel and Howie gave him a standing ovation, Heidi pretended to be mad at him (he cracked a “seal” joke!) and the audience went CRAZY, chanting his name even after Howie had started his commentary. Howie said that Taylor’s act had “so much more originality and talent” that goes into his acts than any of the singers. Howard followed that up by saying it’s much more difficult to “do what he does” than the other acts (cue little bicker between Howard and Howie). Heidi was up next and although she was trying to pretend to be mad at him, she was giggling and smiling at him throughout her critique – which was basically that she loved him. Mel batted cleanup, asking if she’s “chopped bloody liver” since Taylor never banters with her, and rounded it out by saying she “likes it [his performance] a lot.”

Watch Taylor’s AGT performance on the next page – it is LOL funny!!

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