Video: Ellona Santiago Sings ‘Clarity’ on The X Factor 10/3/13

By on October 3, 2013
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The X Factor continued tonight with the ‘four chair challenge’ and Ellona Santiago gave an amazing rendition of  “Clarity” by Zedd.  Last night the top four contestants were chosen for the Over 25 category. Check out the complete recap here.

Contestant: Ellona
Song: “Clarity” by Zedd
The Critiques: Kelly said she “is a beast – in the nicest way possible” (meaning her voice is good). Simon said she’s one of the best vocalists in this category, while Paulina simply said she has no idea what Demi is going to do.
The Decision: Demi said she agrees with her fellow judges, but she feels like “something is missing,” and that “that star quality isn’t there yet.” Simon was shocked by this statement, exclaiming “what?!” Demi then said that she couldn’t see herself letting go of any of the women sitting in the four chairs – which led Simon to pipe in saying he disagrees. Demi was completely torn over her decision, and Simon advised her to “look at the crowd” who was chanting for Ellona to stay. In the end, Demi decided that Ellona would make it into her final four, which means… it’s time to switch.

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