WWE Raw Recap and Results 10/28/13

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wwe raw

WWE Raw is live tonight from Orlando, Florida as John Cena comes out the new World Heavyweight Champion after defeating Alberto Del Rio for it last night at Hell In A Cell. He calls out JBL for doubting him, then goes on declaring he’s back.

Damien Sandow, the Money In The Bank briefcase holder, comes down right after Cena finishes his promo. He cuts his own promo and brings up that Cena’s left triceps healed way earlier than they were supposed to – the man was only out for 2 months, not 4-6 like everyone thought. Sandow then tricks Cena into thinking he wouldn’t cash in tonight and beats him down with the briefcase. He drives his left shoulder into the post, the barricade, then the steel steps and eventually, he does a con-chair-to on his left triceps and calls for a referee. He’s cashing in.

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