Bill Cosby on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart 11/19/13

By on November 20, 2013


Tuesday’s new Daily Show with Jon Stewart sees segments on Rob Ford and the 2022 World Cup, as well as an interview with the legendary Bill Cosby.

Jon Stewart started tonight’s episode with another segment on the, admittedly, supremely entertaining scandal of Toronto mayor Rob Ford. It’s even spawned a new, recurring segment based off of a promo read by Shep Smith: “This Just In, the Crack-Smoking Mayor of Toronto Has Done It Again.” The city council of Toronto voted 36-5 to strip Ford of his power, which led Stewart to question who the five were that voted for him to retain it. Ford’s response to this news was comparing it to when Saddam attacked Kuwait, calling himself Kuwait. Stewart said that it’s an outdated reference, but it might be the last thing Ford remembers. Troubles continue for Ford, still, and they have bled over to America, as he conducted an interview for CNN in a schoolroom filled with children and accidentally said the word “bulls**t.”

Jessica Williams went up to Toronto to investigate the five people who voted in his favor, and to talk to his continued fans. One city council member, John Parker, said the motion to strip him of his power was only temporary. He voted against it because he wanted it to be permanent. Williams said that Canadian cities have no idea how to handle scandals like Americans do. She also talked to supporters, as 24% of people said they would vote for him again in 2014. One man said that despite it all, Ford has come through on all of his promises and has handled Toronto’s budget remarkably well. Williams played a game of “Who Said It?” with him, with Rob Ford and Charlie Sheen. He still said he’d vote, because he thinks it’s in the past now. Williams came up with a campaign slogan: “Rob Ford 2014, That Hoodrat S**t’s in the Past.”

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