Revenge TV Recap 11/3/13 – Dissolution Season 3 Ep. 6

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'revenge recap 11/3/13'

In the most recent episode of Revenge, we saw Emily begin to lose control of her plan when her groom, Daniel, makes a startling statement at the Voulez magazine launch party, leaving her vulnerable and ready to do whatever it takes to make sure she and Daniel walk down the aisle. This includes showing a photo of her as a child on the beach with her father. Anything to make her seem softer and bring Daniel back to her. Thankfully, it worked.

Meanwhile, on the November 3rd episode, the roadblocks seem to be mounting for Emily as Daniel’s attention is focused elsewhere, Grayson Manor may cease to exist, and two of the most important people in Emily’s life start turning on her – leading her to do something very uncharacteristic, on “Revenge,” SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 3 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET), on ABC.

With Emily and Daniel’s relationship back in the green, all systems are go on the Revenge train.  It’s just too bad all of Emily’s team members can’t be on the same page at the same time.  Now that she’s got Aiden back in line, Nolan has decided not to play by the same rules.  He’s convinced he and Patrick might have some kind of future and won’t let Emily’s plans get in the way of that.

Between Jack and Charlotte the Stow Away’s face lift is almost complete.  When Charlotte tells him that she confessed to rigging Conrad’s car in order to protect him, Jack  is once again pushed to the brink of his patience with Emily’s schemes.

Emily arrives at Nolan’s, just as Patrick is leaving.  The house is in disarray and Emily thinks the worst.  She searches for Nolan only to find that it’s quite the opposite, in fact, Nolan is falling hard for Patrick and wants to be with him.  Knowing what she does about Patrick, Emily tells Nolan that he’s dangerous and that Nolan should back off before he gets hurt.  It’s more of an order than a request, one that Nolan has a very hard time swallowing.

At a family brunch hosted by Victoria, Conrad announces that Greyson Manor has been sold, once again, putting Emily’s revenge plans in danger.  After brunch she steals away to tell, Aiden, the bad news and the two come up with a way to possibly kill the sale.

Victoria confronts Patrick about his attempt on Conrad’s life gone wrong.  Instead of condemning him, as Patrick thought she would, she embraces him and asks him to put the one thing of value she controls into his name; her gallery.  With the air cleared, Patrick, goes in search of Nolan, whom he has been trying to reach all day and finds him in his backyard, by the pool.  Nolan, tries to end it, but Patrick convinces him that it’s time they start living their lives for them and not those around them.

Later that day, Charlotte and Daniel are picking up a cake for Jack.  While at the bakery, Daniel, is confronted by a ghost from his past.  A ex-girlfriend named, Sarah, he almost killed and nearly paralyzed in his drunken frat days.  Apparently, she got the raw end of the settlement deal. This disturbs Daniel enough to decide to look into it further.

Victoria, finds Aiden and urges him to look into the sale of the Manor as she suspects Conrad is hiding the profits from her.  She also reminds him to dig for a way to rid them of Emily once and for all.  Speaking of digging, Emily’s self inflicted damage to her own property, coupled with some records switching, has created the illusion of beach erosion.  This effectively ends the sale of Greyson Manor, much to Conrad’s horror and Victoria’s delight.  Now that they have no money and no assets to fight over, Victoria tells Conrad she is free to leave him and start a new life with her son and the Gallery.

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