Gisele Bundchen Breastfeeding Photo While Getting Hair and Nails Done Causes Uproar #multitasking

By on December 11, 2013

'gisele breastfeeding getting nails done'

Gisele Bundchen posted a photo of her breastfeeding her daughter on Instagram, while having her hair and nails done along with the caption:

What would I do without this beauty squad after the 15 hours flying and only 3 hours of sleep #multitasking #gettingready

Gisele is clearly trying to show how busy she is and wants everyone to see how the mom of two ‘does it all.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t the message received by those who really ‘do it all’ on a daily basis.

While Gisele’s aim was to show that multitasking  takes a team, she hit a nerve with those who do not have a team, the average mom.   When the average mom refers to multitasking she usually means cooking and  making a doctor’s appointment, all while standing on her head to entertain her 12 month old.

What mom wouldn’t want to multitask with someone doing their hair and nails while they are feeding their baby?  It sure beats running out of the house with one shoe on and curlers in your hair, trying to get one child to school while the other one is hanging on your robe.  And having a car waiting for you and your child to take you to school –  that is another story.

Gisele clearly missed the mark on this one.   She is still not relatable.  What do  you think?


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