Katy Perry Opens Up About Her Love for John Mayer

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Katy Perry appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she spoke about her relationship with boyfriend and musician, John Mayer, being number one on twitter and much more!


Kelly spoke about her relationship with Mayer saying,

‘We have a lot of fun. We have music as an understanding and love between each other and we connect. He understands what I do because he does the same thing, so after a long day that’s been tough I don’t really have to go into it. He just gets it.’ She continued, ‘There’s a lot of respect. I really adore him and respect the man as a musician and that’s why I was very excited to do this song with him.

Katy is the number one person on Twitter, with more than 48 million followers. The singer joked that she doesn’t have an Instagram account saying, ‘I’m not a good Instagramer. Why should I rule both Instagram and Twitter. Let’s let someone else rule.’

We have the video on the next page.

Check out Katy and John sing Sleigh Bells Ring here!

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