Scandal Review 12/5/13 and Sneak Peak Preview and Spoilers 12/12/13 – Winter Finale

By on December 6, 2013
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In it’s third season, Scandal has continued to capture the viewer’s attention. In the most recent episode, YOLO, we see most of the story lines come to a head now that Olivia’s mother is alive. The violence in this episode is off the charts with Huck’s newest victim, Quinn, a character we have watched evolve throughout the three seasons. While we have seen Huck in action and kill before, watching him pull Quinn’s teeth, one by one, is torture – especially as she is begging for her life.


This week we see Olivia’s first task, once she meets her mother, is to protect her. In no time, she has her team assembled to do everything in their power to keep Rowan at bay. Olivia is treating her mother more like a client than a relative, but this might just be her way of coping. As for Quinn, Huck isn’t too happy to have discovered her betrayal. His loyalty is to Liv above all else, and this doesn’t bode very well for her…

Rowan doesn’t hesitate to begin his own search for Maya. He’s counting on cell phone tracking to get a few leads on where she might be. Quinn isn’t faring too well in the meantime, and Charlie is put in charge of finding her so that she can be a proper asset to B-613.

Meanwhile, Cyrus is stalling on what was originally a “foolproof” blackmail plan against Daniel Douglass, Sally’s husband. If you’ll recall, he had hoped to get “staged” photos of him hitting on James during an interview he had carefully arranged. When James caught on to this, he played into it, and actually slept with Daniel because he’s just so fed up with Cyrus’s mistreatment. If we’re going to be honest, Cyrus has been so power hungry that he’s grown nearly incapable of seeing his own husband as a human being and not just a mere pawn to throw around to get his way, only appeasing him when it’s convenient. Knowing how much James has betrayed him, and with James being so cryptic about it, Cyrus is less than hesitant to exact his grand plan.

Meanwhile, Olivia sits down with her mother and tries to get to know her. “Tell me about you,” Maya says. “There’s not much to tell,” Liv replies. But her mother launches into a bit of a spiel about the life she’s imagined for her daughter and how what she’s doing now isn’t it. Olivia takes some offense to this, especially when her mother insinuates she’s taken after her father. You can tell how much Olivia has glorified her mother in resistance to everything her father has tried to do.

As that goes on, Huck and Jake are scheming on how to handle this situation. They need to plot an attack on Rowan, and to accomplish this they try to request help from Fitz. But when Jake shows up, there’s more hushed talk about Remington than anything else, and we learn that whatever went down all those years ago, Jake got the short end of the stick by being recruited to B-613 while Fitz went on to a successful career thanks to his father’s political pull. After all these years, Jake still resents Fitz for that, and he considers his refusal to help the cause to be utterly selfish.

A duct-taped, bloody and gagged Quinn is desperately squirming around trying to plan some sort of escape for herself. She’s all alone with no one to help her and no one to hear her screams. At least not for a while.

Over in the White House, James and Cyrus have another “cryptic” interaction, with James spitting as many innuendos in a sentence as he can. Cyrus is fuming on the inside but he keeps quiet, because he doesn’t realize that James is in on the joke. Daniel Douglass wants nothing to do with any of this, however. He confronts James and insists that he’s “not a gay” and that he is still a Christian man, just one who got overcome with ‘temptation’. He doesn’t want to be outed, and he begs James to keep the secret.

For some people, running from secrets work. But for people like Maya, it’s a tiring process. At this point, Liv’s mother tries to convince the Gladiators that trying to help her escape is a lost cause and that she’s through with running away. But they’re a stubborn clan with high moral compasses so nothing about that plan seems likely to clock out.

We can a first look into Huck’s preferred method of torture. Looks like he’s into pulling teeth, and he’s come back for Quinn in hopes of both teaching her a lesson as well as getting some answers out of her. It’s painful to watch for sure, especially when you keep how much Quinn has been adoring Huck these last few weeks and figuratively living in his shadow.

Meanwhile, Sally drops her big news. She announces to Fitz that she will be running as an independent party in the upcoming election. Mr. President is not having it. For one, the move is political suicide for both of them. Not only that, but Fitz is prepared to make it his life’s personal mission if Sally chooses to cross him in this way. The intimidation and menace in this scene really came off strongly, and we couldn’t help but gulp and wonder what Sally would do next. She’s proven to be a lot less one-dimensional in recent episodes.

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  1. Anita Simmons Kearney

    December 6, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    thank you for keeping up with this show I can always count on finding out what I missed. Yes, I am one of those people who read the ending first.

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