General Hospital Recap for Week of January 13 to 17

By on January 20, 2014
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Heather is becoming frustrated with the police’s slow investigation into Carly’s disappearance. She calls Michael pretending to be an anonymous tip from inside the station. Enraged Michael heads to the station where he gets into Scotty’s face. He had heard that they found a knife—that may have been used to hurt Carly! Michael threatens to hold a press conference if the police don’t take Franco into custody now.

Meanwhile Franco interrupts Sam and Silas’s meal to ask Sam to look for Carly. Sam wants nothing to do with Franco, but Silas points out that Carly may be in trouble. Sam sighs, irritated, and agrees to help.

Luke arrives at Carly’s place to get an update from Bobbie, who says the police have no new leads on Carly’s disappearance. There is a knock at the door and it’s Lucas, who has flown in from Seattle to support his mom. Bobbie attempts to tell him that he has a sister (Sam) and that his biological father is alive, but she loses her nerve. Later Julian tells Sam he knows about Lucas. As Sam tries to elave Kelly’s, she bumps into Lucas.

Tracy manages to get Luke to get out the boathouse for her. Armed with gloves, a net and a shovel, Luke doesn’t find a nest of raccoons, but Carly, bound and gagged!

Julian and Ava stop by Crimson before Julian heads to Seattle. They find Sonny and Olivia there, packing up boxes. Apparently Olivia has found a loophole in Julian’s leasing contract and is kicking him out. As Julian leaves with his belongings, Olivia and Sonny beam at each other.



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