Revolution Recap 1/8/14 Season 2 Ep 10 ‘Three Amigos’

By on January 8, 2014
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Revolution returns after over a month and a half and we are ready for episode 10, Three Amigos.

Last seen on the television show, Revolution:

Perhaps the most interesting revelation came from Miles in the school library. Holed up with Rachel and trying to evade the Patriot soldiers raining gunfire on them, Miles was clearly at death’s door. His infected arm which was smashed by the Clan several episodes earlier had taken its toll on him and he didn’t think he could last much longer. In the middle of all this hell, Miles confessed to Rachel that he regretted running off on her after their affair years earlier and that he still loves her.

Rachel, and her daughter Charlie have become battle hardened over the last two seasons and seem to have evolved the way Sarah Conner did in the Terminator saga. Rachel, with Charlie trying to help from the other side of the room, refused to give up even though the Patriots had them surrounded like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Meanwhile, Aaron lost Cynthia who was shot dead by Dr. Horn in the hallway of the school-house. Horn wanted Aaron to use his powers to cure his growing brain tumor. Horn killed her when Aaron couldn’t heal him.

Having learned that the mysterious Nanites were the source of his incendiary powers, Aaron begged them to heal Cynthia and keep her from dying. But the cyber-creatures who took the form of one of Aaron’s childhood friends wouldn’t help because of his adamant request to be left alone.

And back East, Neville was reunited with his wife Julia who he previously thought had died in Atlanta’s nuclear holocaust. Julia managed to escape before the bombs were dropped and believed Neville to be dead too. Having discovered each other by chance on a train to D.C. they immediately stole off to a broom closet for a reunion quickie after which Julia told him she had married another man for security purposes.

Neville, seemingly unfazed, told her about his plan to infiltrate the Patriot hierarchy and kill the people who he thought had been responsible for her death. Like her former husband, she too seemed unshaken by his dastardly plot. Instead, the former Mrs. Neville waxed Lady Macbeth and the two of them agreed that if they played their cards right, they could climb the ladder together. and wield unimaginable power over the rest of the continent.

So, that’s where we are now, folks. The next ten episodes of Revolution are likely to bring more revelations that will keep you addicted to the show as I have become. Catch you all later tonight at 8:00 when Episode 10, “Three Amigos” premieres on NBC. And remember, if you miss it you can get the recap right here at Have U Heard.

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