Top Chef Recap 1/08/14 Season 11 Ep. 13- Oui Si A Challenge

By on January 9, 2014
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It’s a tale of two tastes on Top Chef as the Cheftestants are challenged to create dishes that highlight New Orleans French and Spanish influences, but first they must impress guest judge Jacques Pepin, world renown chef and author of “La Technique and La Methode”, in this week’s Quickfire Challenge featuring one of his favorite dishes.

The Quickfire

This week’s Quickfire Challenge is all about technique as Chef Pepin demonstrates the necessary culinary skills required to create a delectable plate of pouched Dover Sole with mushroom duxelle, stuffed artichoke and sautéed asparagus. After watching how the Master does it, the chefstants must recreate this highly complex dish. Only one of the chefs are able to complete the dish with all of the necessary components.

“It was a formidable challenge!” says Chef Pepin prior to judging each of the six dishes. Nicholas and Shirley, the two French chefs, were on top of this challenge with Shirley being the only chef to get all the components on the plate. Nicholas only missed one component being the butter rose. However, it came down to flavor. The use of tarragon put Nicholas’ dish over the edge, thus making him the winner and recipient of immunity.

The Elimination Challenge

The Battle of New Orleans Culinary Influences is about to begin. For the Elimination Challenge, Chefstants are divided into two teams, French and Spanish. Each team will have a 2-star Michelin chef as a coach to assist with technique and menu selections. The coaches are Dominique Creen, French culinary all-star and the first woman to receive such high honors in the US and Julian Serrano, the Master of Spanish cuisine.

Knives are drawn and the French team is Nicholas, Shirley, and Stephanie. As luck would have it the two French chefs, Nicholas and Shirley, are on the same team.

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