The Bachelor – Did Juan Pablo and Clare Have Sex?

By on February 3, 2014

The Bachelor, with Juan Pablo, continued with his journey to Vietnam with 11 beautiful women. One of those women was Clare. The woman all of the other bachelorettes love to hate.

'clare had sex with juan'

Clare is the girl who takes up all of Juan Pablo’s time. She needs to be sitting next to him during the group dates and she is in need of his attention. All. The. Time. On tonight’s episode, Clare took a risk and paid Juan Pablo a visit at his hotel room in the middle of the night. What happened next??

Juan Pablo and Clare went for a romantic swim in the ocean. While we don’t see the couple doing anything but kiss, when Clare speaks to the camera in her diary, she reveals a lot.

Clare tells the women she is going to bed and she pays a visit to Juan Pablo at 4am. She asks him to go for a swim in the ocean. She always wanted to go swimming in a warm ocean. Juan tells the cameras that he got wild in the ocean with Clare. Clare said she just wanted to have ‘that special moment’ with Juan Pablo. She just let go of all her fear and they went for it. She said it was ‘pure bliss in every way.’ Clare said it was one of the best moments in her entire life, a new feeling.

Clare made it sound as though as she and Juan Pablo did have sex but the only two people who can confirm what happened are Juan and Clare. Did they or didn’t they have sex?

Juan is experiencing a great deal of regret at the rose ceremony. Would he feel so guilty if he was only cuddling and kissing? Probably not.

What do you think?

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