Harry Styles Has Gone From Engaged to Cheating on Kendall Jenner

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That was fast!!  Only a couple of days ago, rumors that One Direction’s Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner were engaged was trending on twitter.  Fast forward 12 hours and reports that Harry Styles is cheating on Kendall have emerged.

'harry styles has a new beard - kendall jenner'

The singer is said to have been hooking up with Haley Giraldo, the daughter of 80′s rocker, Pat Benatar.

According to Star Magazine, a ‘friend’ of Harry’s is claiming Harry met Haley at a One Direction concert in Los Angeles last year, and that they see each other secretly whenever he’s in town. “They talk almost every day when he’s home in London, and he sends Haley lots of romantic gifts,” the friend shares. “They’ve been trying to keep it on the down-low.”

Harry is stalked by photographers 24 hours a day. Is it possible for him to keep anything on the down low? We know his every move.

Do you believe he is secretly dating Haley Giraldo? Or that he is in fact really with Kendall Jenner??

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