Juan Pablo Naked Photos Leaked by The Bachelor Winner

By on February 7, 2014

Juan Pablo has been betrayed in the worst way possible. After sending naked photos of himself to the winner of The Bachelor, she took it upon herself to send them to her friends.

Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo

Was it an innocent, look at what my boyfriend/fiance sent to me or was she mocking her new love?  According to Radar Online, the woman who ultimately receives the final rose is already bragging to friends about her new beau by texting photos of his genitals, according to her ‘friend.’

Juan Pablo is reportedly completely naked in the photo, with an erect penis. Radar Online claims they saw the photo and it did come from his significant other. We recently interviewed Clare Crawley, the woman who he went in the ocean with in Vietnam, who called Juan a hypocrite for his behavior on The Bachelor, and seems to know Juan Pablo very well.

He recently referred to homosexuals as perverts. Apparently, Juan didn’t realize that sending naked photos may also be considered perverted, as well.  He is also constantly referring to his daughter, Camila, on the show and saying he wants to be a good example for her.  Something tells us that sending naked photos to a girlfriend is not exactly the best example.

What do you think about the naked photos and who released them?

Hint: While we didn’t mention who leaked the text, we did link to her in the beginning of the article.


  1. Janey

    February 20, 2014 at 12:58 am

    Juan Pablo needs a nurse. He needs Nikki. If he doesn’t choose Nikki, he needs Andy. It’s as simple as it gets. Claire is in no way fit to be a step mom. Nikki and Andy are the ones to look at. Nikki has experience caring for babies and Andy can go after anyone who gets in the way. We will see who is the best fit, but I root for Nikki. She’s young, yes, but she’s got the smarts and education to be the best step mom for his child.

  2. John '

    February 10, 2014 at 10:41 pm

    To whom it mayconcern,

    Juan is for the most part a JOKE, he says to some girls he can’t kiss them because his daughter maybe watching and, in the showing you see him kissing one….REALLY!

    And now sending nude photos to someone? What is with this guys standards and value system.

    Regarding the statements about gays, well the last I checked we are still fighting to have that same freedom we should always (HAD). I don’t have a problems with gays, just the things they do with the same gender, that is just plane “SICK”. I truely do feel sorry for gays, only because we don’t have medical help for thier mental status. It’s an illness and we haven’t any help for them or all the people that think it’s ok.

    Enough said.


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