The Bachelor Juan Pablo Chooses Nikki – They are Still a Couple – But He Doesn’t Love Her

By on March 10, 2014

The Bachelor Juan Pablo gave the final rose to Nikki. There was no engagement ring and while Nikki loves Juan Pablo, he really, really likes her.

'juan pablo chooses nikki - still together'

That pretty much sums up this season of The Bachelor. One big disappointment. Disappointment that Juan Pablo really was a jerk, he didn’t seem in it for a wife and he was probably the worst Bachelor we have ever seen.

To our surprise (and probably everyone else’s surprise), Nikki and Juan are still together.  Although while Nikki is madly in love with Juan Pablo, he has not told her that he loves her as of yet and Nikki is okay with that.  Unfortunately, Chris Harrison is not okay with it and keeps pressing Juan Pablo to see if he is in love with Nikki.

Nikki is okay with Juan Pablo not saying he loves her because she feels if he wasn’t invested in the relationship, he wouldn’t be with her.

Nikki tells Chris she isn’t going to force Juan Pablo to tell her that he loves her.

How is the couple doing? Juan Pablo said they are doing great together. When asked how he feels about Nikki he says he feels fantastic about her. They are excited to date like a regular couple and to be happy and free. W

Juan Pablo says he is happy the show is over and they are so done. It’s been tough. He didn’t propose out of respect for Nikki’s father, who wanted Juan Pablo to be 100% sure before he proposes and he probably would like for Juan Pablo to be in love with his daughter, as well.

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