Donald Trump Announces Celebrity Apprentice 2014 Cast

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Donald Trump held a press conference today, March 20, 2014, where he announced the 2014 Cast of The Celebrity Apprentice.


'donald trump announces cast of celebrity apprentice'

During the press conference, Trump spoke about the fact that the show was on a brief hiatus from filming since he was too busy to film.

This season we can expect to see three of Donald’s children, Ivanka, Eric and Donald, Jr., In the boardroom. While the cast was revealed for the 2014 Celebrity Apprentice, we are not allowed to release any of the names at this time. We have our spoilers but can neither confirm nor deny anyone on the list.

Stay tuned for the complete list, as well as, exclusive interviews with the 2014 cast of The Celebrity Apprentice.

8 Responses to Donald Trump Announces Celebrity Apprentice 2014 Cast

  1. Ba Ko Ti Yu Zi says:

    Here Is my dream cast:
    1. Liza Minelli ( classic!!!)
    2. Sacha Baron Cohen (Bruno……wow!)
    3. Michelle Kwan ( the greatest figure skater)
    4. David Becham ( vey handsome man)
    5. John Stamos ( another handsome man)
    6. Kenya Moore ( hilarious character and strong persona from Housewives)
    7. RuPaul (covergirl….)
    8. Ryan Lochte ( delicious……)
    9. Janet Jackson ( since she doesn’t sing or act anymore)
    10. Chip Arndt ( winner of Amazing Race 4…. GORGEOUS!!!!)

  2. Elaine Boland says:

    Won’t watch with Kenya Moore on…..

  3. Shari says:

    Looking forward to you eating those words Jelly Bean. I am so sure I met the 17 cast members that I am willing to accept a public apology from you when the show is ‘officially’ announced.

  4. Jelly Bean says:

    NOW Trump says the show is going to be on ‘in the fall.’ Last year at the NBC upfronts, it was supposed to be ‘a leader’ for the 2013-14 season. Eight weeks ago it was supposed to be the spring. Four weeks ago it was supposed to be the summer. NOW he’s claiming on his Twitter that it will be in the fall.
    So you have a few pics of celebs. NO OTHER MEDIA OUTLET – ‘scuse me, no REAL media outlet is covering this, so no, I don’t believe you and I don’t believe that NBC is stupid enough to bring him back. His time is done, and hopefully, the idiots that keep swooning at his feet will realize what idiots they have been for continuing to believe – and believe IN – him.

  5. Shari says:

    Did you see this…. performing the challenges already. now do you believe us??

  6. Jelly Bean says:

    Still haven’t seen a legit reason why this website couldn’t reveal the complete cast if that info was already revealed…..
    And STILL haven’t seen any info as to why NBC is not promoting the ‘next’ season.

  7. Shari says:

    I was at the event where I interviewed the cast. The show is definitely returning!!

  8. Jelly Bean says:

    The cast was ‘revealed,’ but this website cannot post it?!?!?! That has to be one of the STUPIDEST excuses I’ve EVER seen.
    The show was on a short hiatus because the donald was ‘too busy’ to film? OMG, the flying sh^t just gets better and better. THE NETWORK put the show ‘on hiatus,’ NOT the donald.
    And I STILL haven’t seen any indication that it’s coming back, so, how far are the people of this website up his backside to even run with ‘rumors’ such as these, and what are you going to say when the show DOESN’T come back on the air?
    After all, don’t you find it funny that NBC is already promoting shows that are coming out in JUNE, but NOTHING whatsoever is on their website about ‘the great doanld’?

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