Resurrection Recap 4/6/14 –Season 1, Ep 5 ‘Insomnia’

By on April 6, 2014
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Tonight on Resurrection Marty sees himself as a protector for Jacob Langston, so much so that he has nightmares about him. But the agent has his own demons to battle as well. Memories of another child he failed to protect have been haunting him and they reinforce his desire to make sure Jacob stays safe from Caleb.

Meanwhile, Jacob himself is worried that he is going to be taken away like Caleb was. He wakes his father Henry in the middle of the night for comfort. He’s also uncomfortable around the rest of the town who sees him as strange the way his father does. Henry realizes that he has to let the old Jacob that died go and embrace and comfort the little boy who has come back into his life.

Marty talks to Fred about finding the money Caleb stole from the armored car. They need to find the money fast because the FBI is going to come looking for it. If they find out about Caleb’s return from the dead they will eventually want Jacob as well.

The entire Arcadia police department descends on Elaine Richards’ home looking for the stolen cash. Elaine is sitting in on the couch while officers tear the house apart. Even more disconcerting is the fact that she has been fired from her job at the bank because of her father’s involvement in the latest heist. Maggie shows up to apologize for hiding the investigation of her father but Elaine gives her the cold shoulder.

Meanwhile Fred and Marty interrogate Caleb to convince him to give up the cash. They warn him that the FBI is coming and will put him in a lab for testing for the rest of his days. All Caleb seems interested in doing though is taunting them with personal questions about their past. He asks Fred if he ever wondered if his wife really loved him. And he makes a snide comment about a boy Marty convinced to testify against a criminal but who apparently died when the bad guys came after him.
Henry finally makes up with Lucille and confesses his feelings about their old neighbors whose daughter died twenty years ago. They should have comforted their friends and never embraced their feelings. Henry feels he’s finally ready to let go of the old Jacob and move on so he doesn’t hurt the Jacob they have now. Henry takes the long walk into the basement to look at old family pictures he has hidden away after Jacob died.

Back at Elaine Richards’ home, Marty tells her he needs her help finding the money. She can keep her father and Jacob from being taken away when the FBI comes after them. He then checks in with Maggie who has just received a call from Pastor Tom. He wants Maggie to examine his resurrected girlfriend Rachael because of her familiarity with the others. They don’t want anyone to know Rachael is back though so they go to Maggie’s office for the examination.
Meanwhile Marty brings Elaine to jail to talk to Caleb. She is fed up with his lies and deceit. He hasn’t changed and he never will. Marty and Fred listen in on the video feed and suspect that Caleb may be secretly telling Elaine where the money is. The two lawmen get a crew to a possible location to try to dig up the money but nothing.

At Maggie’s office, she and Rachael go over her lab tests which show she is pregnant. That means she was pregnant before she committed suicide. Stunned, Rachael begs Maggie not to tell anyone. Not even Tom. Maggie promises but later breaks it calling a colleague at the NIH for a fresh perspective.

Elaine discovers a note her dad left her that says the money is under the porch so she could support herself. She digs it up and turns it over to Marty who visits Caleb in jail again. The prisoner is coughing and doubling over while still taunting him about the boy Marty failed to protect. He asks for a drink of water from the pump but as soon as Marty turns around, whoosh. Caleb is gone.

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