Brad Pitt Calls Himself a Farmer and Talks Being Compulsive

By on May 28, 2014

Brad Pitt sat down with Wine Spectator where he spoke about escaping Hollywood, being a farmer and what’s next for his estimated $60 million estate where he and his fiance, Angelina Jolie, make their own wine.

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Pitt is not only considered Hollywood Royalty, but he is also a top wine maker. His first wine from Château Miraval (rose), ranked among the Top 100 of 2013. Not too shabby for his and Angie’s first time out of the gate. A successful movie actor, director and now wine maker (not to mention incredibly hot!)

Below you will find some of the excerpts from the interview:

On the estate he and Angelina Jolie bought in 2012 for an estimated $60 million: “We became impassioned with this place, which could produce its own wine, its own food, and become a place where artists could congregate and share ideas.”

On being a farmer, and his love for the land: “I’m a farmer now. I love learning about the land and which field is most suitable for which grape, the drama of September and October: Are we picking today? Where are the sugar levels? How is the acidity? Is it going to rain? It’s been a schooling for me. In the off months, I enjoy cleaning the forest and walking the land.”

On his own compulsive nature: “For better or worse, given my compulsive nature, if we are going to be in the wine business, let’s make the best wine we can…I asked the question, ‘Why can’t we make world-class wine in Provence?’ Let’s approach it like a film, and let’s make something we can be proud of and people can enjoy.”

On partnering with wine superstar Marc Perrin: “I was looking for someone I could learn from and who would be interested in drawing on the strengths of Provence and the terroir of Miraval…When you look at the Rhône Valley and its great winemakers Château de Beaucastel and the Perrin family were not just at the top of our list, but make some of our favorite wines. Fortunately, [they] were interested in working with us as well.”

On spending time out of the Hollywood spotlight: “It’s very peaceful and the antithesis of the drive, the want, the need to get ahead indicative of life in Hollywood. I’m instantly reminded what quiet sounds like.”

On his future goals: “There is a prevalent spirit of creativity here, and it is our goal to continue in that spirit. What comes out of it, I can’t say yet, but we want to be true to that spirit.”

Can’t wait to see what Brad comes up with next. It seems that he may just have the golden touch, like his good friend, Oprah.

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