Simon Cowell Will Tell His Son if he Can’t Sing

By on June 17, 2014

When Simon Cowell‘s son was brought into this world, obviously the first question on our mind was whether or not Cowell would be brutally honest with his son if he was a bad singer? ¬†Would Cowell, in one of his 100 black v-necks, loom over his son and be brutally honest with him? Okay, that wasn’t the first question on our mind, but Cowell addressed it.

'simon cowell - tweets photos of his son'

In an interview with The Sun, Cowell reveals how he would handle if his son Eric wasn’t the best of singers.

“If Eric wants to try out being a singer, I would be OK with that,” Cowell said. “I certainly wouldn’t stop him. “But,” he added, “I’ll tell him straight if he can’t do it! Admittedly, I might not be quite as blunt as I am with some of the contestants.”

While Cowell sounds like he would support his son if he wants to be a singer and fill our radio stations with more manufactured pop music, Cowell hopes that he follows in his footsteps, stating that Eric will “do what I do,” and that in time Eric is going to “inherit” Cowell’s business.

Must be pretty fascinating growing up and knowing you’re going to be super rich when you get older, and also own all of your father’s solid black shirts.

It is odd that Cowell says Eric will eventually inherit his business, because just last year Cowell stated that he would be donating his fortune to charity, and not leaving it to his son. So, I am going to assume that has changed.

Cowell also said he won’t “rule out” having more children, and thinks the idea of having “two or three” more kids “cool.” Okay, Simon.

What do you think of Cowell’s comments?



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