Brooke Shields Talks about One Direction, Her Mom and Her Book to #AOLBuild

By on November 19, 2014


The ever gorgeous and witty Brooke Shields is on a power tour right now for her latest book “There Was A Little Girl: The Real Story of My Mother and Me.”  Her latest book is a follow up to her bestselling book “Down Came the Rain.”  Shields took the time to stop by #AOLBuild to chat with Dyllan McGee and her fans about the book, her relationship with her mother and how she may have cracked the code for why One Direction chose their name.


Shields, 49, was ready to get all of her emotions out before she started the next half of her life, the turning point being 50! She definitely does not look her age but rather youthful and spunky. Her voice raspy, she admitted that it is “not in my nature to be less than candid.” This was a lesson she learned from her mother, who battled alcoholism most of Shields’ life. When asked “why now?,” Shields calmly responded with “Why not?” 

Shields spoke about her writing process saying,  she would send chapter by chapter over to her editor and she never reads her books until they are finalized. She claims that if she read it as she went along, she would be desperate to change the tone and make herself seem “smarter,” but that would not stay true to who she is. Husband, Chris Henchy, who is also a writer, has not read her latest book either. His reason: he did not want to have even more sympathy and pain for her rehashing her life.


Shields admitted she was very close to her dad, as well, but he never saw any of her films. As he was getting ready to pass, she took advantage of the time to show him every season of “Suddenly Susan,” her hit television comedy. She wanted him to laugh. Laughing was major for the actress and former Calvin Klein spokeswoman as she says ‘this is what bonded her with her mom’. She went on to say that mom seemed to “not put a lot of thought put behind her choices.”

With that said, how is she raising her two daughters? She revealed that her girls monitor her drinking already, as she admits that she loves her alcohol, but that alcoholism does run in her family. Yet, that does not detract from the girls taking advantage of mom’s stardom as her eldest finally said, “Mom, it’s kinda cool that you are famous.” This is after a One Direction concert that Shields took them to. Speaking of the band…

Shields recalled the concert and motioned to the five band members hair all being in “one direction.” For that, she believes is the reason behind their moniker and wants full credit for cracking the code. She sees the humor in life and that is what is so admirable for a woman who started out as a young actress and model. Her career really peaked when she did the risque “Blue Lagoon” and that was when she became the in demand actress she is today.

When asked about Blue Lagoon, Shields says that she prefers “Endless Love.” In a lightening round of quick questions, she revealed this: notepad over iPad; early bird over night owl; Type A personality; impatient over patient; domestically challenged but friends think otherwise; NYC over LA; 10 minutes early over late; calling over texting. She noted that Drew Barrymore is one of the young actresses around her time who managed to fight back against the hurdles of a mother’s control and hopes that through her book she can teach some lessons.

What are these lessons? “Nobody’s got it figured out!” That rings so true across the age spectrum. She also wishes that she was able to understand her parents more before they passed away. She thought she really knew her mother and to an extent, she did but it was not until her death she realized there was so much more there.

Her book, is titled “There Was A Little Girl: The Real Story of My Mother and Me.”  It is an amazing read and great insight into both of their lives!

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