The Bachelor Chris Soules Defends Kissing All Those Women – Is He Really a Player?

By on January 20, 2015

The Bachelor Chris Soules, aka ‘The Kissing Bandit’ is defending his lips and his kissing. If you missed the most recent episode of The Bachelor there was a lot of kissing. Probably more than any other season.

'chris souls from the bachelor - aka as the kissing bandit'

We have the recap of The Bachelor with Chris Soules week 3 here.

Chris took to his blog on People to defend his lips and his actions saying,

“I know I’ve maybe kissed more girls at this point than the average Bachelor, but I was taking things seriously, and isn’t kissing a huge part of any romantic relationship? I’m very grateful for Amber, who stood up for me when the girls were talking it over. Amber, you’re right. I’m just trying to find my wife.”

Trying to find a wife is one thing – but at some point don’t you need to be selective when choosing who to kiss? Do you kiss everyone? Or possibly only those you actually have a date with?

During Chris’ one on one date with Carly, guest host, Jimmy Kimmel asked Carly how she would feel if Chris had sex with all the women during the fantasy suite dates. Carly said she would be okay with that because it is important to know if you are compatible with someone before committing to marriage. Maybe Chris holds kissing to the same standard? If you can’t test out the merchandise, how can you be expected to buy it?

Chris comes off as a bit of a player by kissing all the women. While he seems to be a nice farmer boy, his true colors may just be coming out by kissing all the women. It is okay to say no. How can he possibly be attracted to every woman who wants to kiss him?

Chris did mention in his blog he respected Becca for not kissing him saying,

“I also totally supported Becca’s decision not to kiss me. Even though the setting was extremely romantic, and of course I wanted to kiss her, I respected her decision to take things slowly. And I wanted to solidify that by giving her the group rose. I really wanted her to know that I was willing to earn her affection, and take things at a slower pace with her.”

It wouldn’t surprise us to hear later in the season that Chris just wasn’t feeling it for Becca because their relationship wasn’t moving as fast as with the others. We’ve heard that on previous seasons – right?

Leave a comment and let us know what you think about Chris Soules kissing so many women. Do you think that is okay or do you think he should tame those lips??

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