The Bachelor With Chris Soules Recap 1/19/15 – Season 19 Week 3 – Who Was Eliminated?

By on January 19, 2015
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The Bachelor with Chris Soules, the now famous farmer from Iowa, will have a special host this week, Jimmy Kimmel.

'the bachelor with chris souls and guest host jimmy kimmel'

With 18 women remaining, there will be two one on one dates and a group date and of course, with Jimmy Kimmel hosting the show, a whole bunch of surprises. The first surprise begins with Jimmy telling the ladies every time they say the word amazing, they have to put a $1 in the ‘tip jar.’

The one-on-one date, takes place with Chris and Kaitlyn, who are tricked into believing they will be going to a high-end members only club for their date. Since Jimmy Kimmel is involved, this is not exactly what will happen. The club turns out to be Costco Wholesale Club. Kaitlyn looks less than thrilled with the location, but seems to enjoy herself anyway.  The couple try to spend some alone time with an intimate dinner at the Bachelor Mansion but the couple  is joined by Jimmy Kimmel for dinner. There were lots of sex jokes and laughing. Chris gives Kaitlyn the date rose.

For the group date, Jimmy and Chris take 12 stunning bachelorettes to compete in a farm-themed relay race to see if they can handle being a farmer’s wife. Included in the grueling gauntlet of farming duties are milking a goat, shoveling manure and wrestling a greased pig. To everyone’s surprise, an Carly beats out Jillian, who is in top physical shape. Things heat up at the after party when Mackenzie confronts Chris about the number of women he is kissing. She can’t understand why he is kissing so many woman. Chris clearly looks uncomfortable with the question. Will this ruin Mackenzie’s chance of receiving a rose at the rose ceremony?  In the end,  Becca wins the group date rose.

For his second one on one date, Chris and Whitney share a wonderfully romantic day in beautiful wine country when they stumble upon a wedding in progress and spontaneously decide to crash it. Posing as friends of the bride, the daring couple dance and mingle with the unsuspecting wedding guests.

Single mom Juelia shares her tragic story with Chris and reveals her husband committed suicide when her daughter was on a couple of months old.

Ashley I. tries to horn in on Chris and Jillian in the hot tub but Jillian is having none of it. Ashley has a complete melt down in front of the cameras because she Jillian was being selfish.

Chris must make some tough decisions and 15 women remain to try and become his soul mate.

Who is eliminated during the third week?

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