The Bachelor Chris Soules Season Premiere Spoilers 1/5/14 – Who Goes Home 1st?

By on January 3, 2015
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The Bachelor with Chris Soules from Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette will premiere on Monday, January 5, 2014. We will follow Soules, the farmer, on his journey to find love. This could only mean a lot of judging, a whole lot of craziness and much more!

'the bachelor 30 women'

What can we expect on the first episode of the season? Chris is living right next door to the mansion this season, which definitely means someone will be sneaking over to see him in the middle of the night.

We will meet the first fifteen bachelorettes from around the country, who will try to make a lasting first impression. One woman gives him a bear hug he won’t soon forget, another fun-loving country gal shows up in “Daisy Dukes” and cowboy boots and a mysterious secret admirer blindfolds Chris before he can see her and slips inside. Will he be able to find her? There is also a woman with an unusual career, who will bring him a medical cooler with a surprise inside, as well as a six-foot tall striking blonde, who roars up on a motorcycle wearing a beautiful evening gown – and biker boots.

For the first time in Bachelor history, Chris Harrison will get the party started a lot earlier with only 15 bachelorettes? The women are equally shocked, but anxious to get the Bachelor’s attention, which some of them do with sexy moves. The first impression rose makes its appearance and it looks like the end of the night, but the evening has actually just gotten started. Harrison lures Chris away because there are 15 more women about to make their entrances. The original group of bachelorettes can only look on in horror as a seemingly endless parade of beautiful bachelorettes arrive and want to take over the scene, and the Bachelor. The party almost comes to a standstill when one beauty lets the pressure get to her and almost has a meltdown.

Thirty women – an all-time high – compete for the first impression rose. Chris finally offers the coveted rose to one bachelorette, who is surprised to be singled out of this group of outstanding lovely ladies.

A long, stressful night ends with the first rose ceremony of the season. However, there is one woman who is in trouble and might not make it through the night. In the end, a total of 22 women will toast to finding love with Chris. However, in a shocking turn of events, one woman pulls the Bachelor aside for what will be one of the most dramatic twists in Bachelor history. I know it’s hard to believe there is a dramatic twist on The Bachelor but there is.

Keep reading to see who was eliminated on the first night of The Bachelor.

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