Who is Becca Tilley from The Bachelor with Chris Soules

By on January 5, 2015
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Becca Tilley is one of the women we will be watching this season of The Bachelor with Chris Soules.

'becca tilley - the bachelor chris soules - makes it to final 2'

We have the information Becca shared with ABC:

Age: 25
Occupation: Chiropractic Assistant
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Height: 5’5″
Tattoos: Two
Can’t live without: Food, family, friends, Wi-Fi, Netflix
Biggest date fear: Having stomach issues and clogging up a toilet, a la Dumb and Dumber

If I never had to go back to school, I would be very happy.

If I never got to see my family, I would be very sad.

If you could be any animal, what would you be?
A dolphin. They’re beautiful and supposedly use 20% of their brains — brilliant!

If you won the lottery, what would you do with your winnings?
I would give a large portion to my family, and then travel!

What’s your most embarrassing moment?
I have several — once I was getting gas and the guy asked, “What kind of gas do you like?” and I thought he asked “What kind of guys do you like?” I responded, “Tall, dark, and handsome.” He just stared at me and repeated the question.

What is your greatest achievement to date?
Staying and living alone in California when my sister and brother-in-law went back home to Louisiana.

Becca is one of 5 children – she has one younger brother, Chris and 3 sisters. Her older sister Katie is married to Jacob Hester, a former running back on the LSU football National Championship team in 2007, and has three children). She also has two younger sisters, Caroline and Hannah.

Becca has a dog named Bella.
Of course, we did some additional research and found who Becca dated (you will be surprised – since he was on another reality show) and much more!

Keep reading to see what we found out about Becca Tilley:

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