The Big Bang Theory: The Space Probe Disintegration 1/8/15

By on January 8, 2015
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Space heist, Hindu temple and Sheldon’s tears: The Big Bang Theory delivers it all this New Year in ‘The Space Probe Disintegration.’

Penny and Amy work on coming up with an activity to do with their men that doesn’t include Dungeons and Dragons or 3 hour-long lectures by some well-renowned scientist. Raj reaches out to Howard and Bernadette after learning his space probe was sent to land from outer space.

The couples in this episode struggle with compromise in the ever-obvious background of how, for many seasons up to now, the females in these relationships have knuckled under our nerds’ wishes. Things have come a long way since the beginning of the show, when Leonard would go as far as losing his pants to return a television for Penny. As the series progressed, however, Penny willingly assimilates to his interests. This subplot gradually crossed paths to Amy and Bernadette recalling one episode where all three of them decide to buy a comic book and learn what the fuss is all about.

This episode was a refreshing turn of pace. After much deliberating and Sheldon’s helpful interference, Penny and Amy decide to go shopping while the guys wait miserably holding their purses. Even Penny agreed it was too perfect.


Sheldon and Leonard sat back in the waiting area and somehow stumbled on discussing their maturity levels where Sheldon flabbergasts Leonard on saying that he’s done plenty of compromises with him. This absurdity on Sheldon’s part isn’t anything new as we are well aware that Sheldon has no regard for others’ conveniences. Still, even after ten years of friendship, Leonard seems genuinely shocked and for a moment the two butt heads. Ultimately, though predictable, Sheldon delivers a heartfelt acknowledgement to Leonard’s long time struggle with living with him.

Jim Parsons does beautifully when upholding the comic backdrop that fits Sheldon’s character well. He’s come a long way from the robot he originally aspired to be and is slowly but surely showing how much he’s come to understand that part of himself that is not only centered on the mind. This season so far has worked on Sheldon’s growth as a person a lot more than other seasons; with the exception of last Valentine’s Day infamous kiss with Amy. One can only imagine what more is in store for this February!

Raj and Howard however, have a different realization in the midst of Raj’s meltdown regarding his latest space probe landing safely from space. Detouring from the playing the smallest violin for Raj ‘the loner,’ this season, his storyline is a lot more interesting. He’s finally nabbed a girlfriend, his parents are getting a divorce and his life isn’t focused the romantic relationships of his buddies. I enjoy seeing more of Raj be his own man even in the midst his struggles. The moment he opens up about his beliefs to Howard shows that Raj has his own walk in life. Even Howard is a bit dumbfounded at the idea that all this time Raj has been going to temple, the Hindu temple that is.
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