Chicago Fire Recap 1/6/15 – “Let Him Die”

By on January 7, 2015
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Tonight’s Chicago Fire opens with the men of Truck and Jay Halstead from Chicago P.D. investigating the abandoned gurney, where the paramedics, Mills and Brett, were last seen. Halstead suspects the dispatch was a set up by Anthony Lullo.


A title card reads ‘six hours earlier’ – the time at which the black car pulls up blocking in the paramedics. Two men get out and aim guns at them, zip tie their wrists, and take Mills and Brett away. The car speeds off, Brett in the front and Mills in the back. Brett’s phone rings and one of the guy’s throws it out the window. Mills begs them to let Brett go, but they don’t. Mills tells Brett to brace herself and Mills knees the guy next to him. Brett goes after the driver and they end up crashing, the roof of the car completely ripped off.

Cruz is still with the cops when Severide returns to the hospital with the news that baby Boden isn’t doing well. Terrance isn’t absorbing oxygen. Because of this, the men decide not to tell the chief about Mills and Brett at the moment.

At the hospital, Boden takes an incoming call from Herrmann. He explains Terrance’s lungs aren’t working right. Herrmann says he is going to send his wife over be with them. The chief asks how everyone is, and Herrmann says fine. Casey asks him if anyone’s looped in Dawson, and agrees to call her. He tells her Mills and Brett are missing. He agrees to fill her in as soon as he knows something. Realizing she should help, Dawson leaves home and heads back to work.

Cruz is still searching for Brett and Mills with Halstead when they come across part of the crash scene. After entering through broken fence, they find the black car, empty. Halstead declares the car was reported stolen a few days ago.

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