Criminal Minds Recap 1/21/15 – “Anonymous” – Season 10 Ep. 13

By on January 22, 2015
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Criminal Minds had another amazing episode, “Anonymous.” The show opens with the unsub, Frank Cosgrove, driving fast down an abandoned, darken street heading toward a Tallahassee Hospital. In the passenger seat, Betty Wright appears to be sick. Frank says to her, “Don’t die on me” as he pulls in the hospital’s parking lot. She opens the door and falls out and lands on the ground. Frank rushes to her aid, picks her up, and leans her next to a tree. Once Betty is feeling better; she thanks him, and without missing a beat, the unsub shoots her in the neck.

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Rossi is in his office, and on his phone speaking with his daughter, while Morgan is using a toy fishing pole. It looks like the two agents are having fun when Garcia rushes into Rossi’s office to tell him New Directions for Veterans has been looking for him. Garcia being the bearer of bad news informs Rossi, Sergeant Harrison Scott has passed away. This news clears Rossi’s office, and the agent begins to mourn the loss of a friend and mentor.

Meanwhile, the team is already assembled around the roundtable, as Garcia begins this week’s slideshow: two deceased individuals: Betty and Cliff were found murdered in Tallahassee, Florida. The profilers begin to theorize that Betty and Cliff were both killed in front of a sanctuary-type buildings.

With that said, the team heads to the sunshine state where we see the unsub, in his car, has his next victim in sight. He uses a disposable cell phone when he makes a call to 9-1-1. He tells the dispatcher there has been a shooting at Hazel and Parkway. Before the dispatcher could get anymore information out of Frank, he hangs up the cell phone. He nonchalantly gets out of his car, whips down the cell phone and places it in the trash can. He walks slowly toward Victor Hall; hits him behind the head, which knocks him out, and he falls to the ground. The unsub places his handgun to the back of his head. He quickly pulls the trigger.

Once the team has arrived in Tallahassee, Hotch is at the hospital speaking with Victor Hall’s psychiatrist, Peter Goodwin, as he witnessed Victor’s murder. Hotch uses a memory technique on Doctor Goodwin. In flashback, he recounts the murder, as well as remembering hearing sirens approaching the crime scene. Hotch believes the unsub is calling emergency personnel before he commits his crimes.

By now, Ross is in Los Angeles, California, he is on the phone with his daughter explaining why he will be a few days late for their weekend together in San Francisco. Joy completely understands, and tells her father not to rush, as they have plenty of time to spend together this weekend.

The next time we see Rossi, he is in a storage room staring down a few of Sargent Scott’s cardboard boxes. In one of the boxes Rossi opens, he finds Sargent Scott’s uniform, and inside the top pocket is a photo of his platoon. Flashback, a young Rossi and a young Sargent Scott are in Vietnam. Rossi is injured and lying in a cot when Sargent Scott walks into the medical tent. In this scene, Sargent Scott hands Rossi a purple heart. When Rossi comes back to reality, Sargent Scott’s son, Thomas walks into the storage room. The two begin to make small talk, which leads to Thomas asking Rossi about funeral arrangements for his father, and Rossi is too happy to help with such arrangements.

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