General Hospital Recap for December 29 to January 2

By on January 4, 2015
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This week General Hospital in Port Charles…The citizens of Port Charles ring in the New Year with steamy romances, both old and new.

Nathan arrives at Spinelli’s door in Portland, eager to see Maxie. He is disappointed when he learns Maxie hopped a flight to Port Charles! Spinelli gets to know Nathan as Nathan plays with Georgie. Nathan calls Maxie and they arrange to meet at the airport.

Sam visits Patrick at the hospital. About that Christmas kiss…they obviously want to see where this leads them so they decide to spend New Year’s Eve together.

Elizabeth arrives home to some bad news. Jake tells her he is moving out. She sees that she can’t change his mind and wishes him well…you can tell she totally wants him to stay though!

At the Metro Court Luke casually talks to Duke about being the new head of Sonny’s organization. Lucy interrupts and frets over Scotty’s invitation to attend the Metro Court NYE party with him. Duke asks her to be his date instead.  Meanwhile Anna arrives and bumps into Agent Sloane. Despite their history, Sloane wants to make her pay for what she did to Faison. She can’t cross the line whenever she wants!  But for now his investigation is on hold, thanks to Frisco’s stalling. Anna smiles coolly.

Upstairs Jordan is stunned when Julian finds her. She talks quickly to save her life; apparently she now works for Sonny, so killing her would start a mob war! Julian backs off, but tells Jordan that she is still in danger.

Carly bustles about the Metro Court getting ready for the big NYE ball. Jake compliments her before asking again for a job. He’s been shoveling snow and it sucks! Carly hesitates until she watches Jake stare forlornly at Elizabeth and Ric, who have just arrived for the party. Carly urges Jake not to give up on Elizabeth and hires him to be her new bartender, never mind the fact that he can’t mix a drink to save his life.

Jake makes his way around the room, hating the tie that Carly made him wear. He offers drinks to Lucy, Duke, Anna, and Agent Sloane. Anna is unhappy to see Duke with Lucy; she allows Duke to assume Sloane is her date, when in actuality, Sloane’s date dumped him for Nikolas. Duke is also jealous to see Anna with someone else.

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