Jennifer Aniston Topless Photo with Ellen DeGeneres Talks Oscar Snub and Allure Photos

By on January 20, 2015
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Jennifer Aniston made an appearance on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ on Monday to talk about her Oscar snub, her topless Allure photo shoot and much more. The 45-year-old actress looked stunning in a tight white Saint Laurent dress as she chatted with Ellen DeGeneres.

Talking about her Oscar snub, Aniston joked, “Yeah. I’m the number one snubbed. That’s the silver lining.”

The funny host also joked about Jen’s topless photo shoot for Allure and was curios if she felt weird doing it with her male best friend. Jen explained her topless photo with longtime friend/hairdresser Chris McMillian in her cover story for Allure magazine- “He’s like a brother… It’s different. I wouldn’t do that with a girlfriend. I would feel weird doing a photograph like that with a girlfriend,” to which DeGeneres declared, “What are you talking about? The shoot we did was amazing,” as a fake topless image appeared on the screen.

jennifer aniston and ellen

Jennifer Aniston is completely exposed in the January issue of Allure, check out the photo of Jen and Chris from Allure below.

jennifer aniston

Watch Jen and Ellen chat in the video below!!

Also, To celebrate both of their birthdays, Jen and Ellen played a fun cake-throwing game with two audience members. Check out that video on page 2!!

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