The Taste Recap 1/15/15- Season 3, Ep.6- Bring the Heat

By on January 15, 2015
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“The Taste” has been challenging this season’s cooks in way that they never imagined. Those that we thought were shoo-ins to go home ended up staying and Anthony’s team finally had to say good-bye to one of their four remaining cooks. You can keep up with “The Taste” right here.

the tasteNigella is now just a judge as she has no team left leaving Marcus, Ludo and Anthony left to compete. Team Marcus keeps winning the group challenges and getting private lessons from the guest mentor. Ludo got so heated last week when the theme was Latin that he started kicking objects and stormed off the set. He eventually came back and apologized and felt that any trouble that the team got in was partially his fault. Dan was sent home from Team Ludo in the group challenge and then it was time for the solo.

Vanessa has a lot of problems with time management but they feel that she has potential, at least Anthony does so when his team had the worst spoons, he sent Tom and Eric into the taste-off. The hope was that Tom would lose and Eric would be the one to carry them to the end. That happened and Tom was sent back to his hometown Italian restaurant. Tonight, the contestants are challenged to turn up the heat with spicy dishes such as Szechuan pepper and pork. Andy Ricker is the guest chef.

Keep reading to find out what happens as the semi-finals begin!

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