Video: Nicole Kidman Reveals Crush on Jimmy Fallon – See His Reaction

By on January 7, 2015
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What does a man say when he finds out that the beautiful actress, Nicole Kidman had a crush on him at one time?

'nicole kidman reveals crush on jimmy fallon'

Let’s just say, Jimmy Fallon found out the news of Kidman’s crush dating many years ago on The Tonight Show, and this is when hilarity ensued. Fallon was clearly flabbergasted, shocked and clearly disappointed that his younger self had no idea.

Kidman appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote her upcoming movie, Paddington, where she revealed the last time she had seen Jimmy was when she went to his apartment to discuss the movie, Bewitched. She wasn’t really there to discuss the movie – she was there because a mutual friend put her in touch with Fallon and she wanted to ‘hang out’ with him.

Jimmy having no idea that Nicole liked him, wore a baseball hat and sweatpants for the meeting and according to Nicole didn’t even really speak, he grunted, and he even played video games. Jimmy remembered a similar story and running around Manhattan looking for cheese and crackers for his guest.

What followed was the two very embarrassed, discussing the crush and Jimmy filled with regret. What man wouldn’t be filled with regret learning that Nicole Kidman had a crush on them?

Unfortunately, the ship has sailed for any chance of the two getting together, as Kidman is happily married to singer, Keith Urban and has two children with him, and Jimmy Fallon is allegedly very happy with his wife and has two young daughters.

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