American Crime Screening with Timothy Hutton and John Ridley Q&A

By on February 25, 2015

American Crime is a new ABC drama created by executive producer and Oscar winner John Ridley of 12 Years a Slave, starring Oscar winning actor, Timothy Hutton. Unlike other television series, the show will air and conclude in the 11 allotted episodes, with the hope of returning with an all new American Crime story for the second season of the show.

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Told from the points of view of all those involved in the American Crime, this new drama examines preconceptions on faith, family, gender, race, class and other aspects of our social experience. Confronting these preconceptions, which at times will be controversial, will elicit conversation among viewers like never before.

Have U Heard was invited to an advanced screening of American Crime, followed by a question and answer session with the executive producer and Oscar winner John Ridley of 12 Years a Slave, Oscar winning actor, Timothy Hutton and executive producer, Michael J. McDonald.

In the season premiere of American Crime the show begins with Russell Skokie answering his telephone and learning his son may have been killed during a home invasion. Following the home invasion murder of Matt Skokie – a war vet – and an assault on his wife Gwen, four suspects are brought into custody: Tony Gutiérrez, an impressionable teen who got in way over his head even under the watchful eye of his dedicated and hard-working father, Alonzo Gutiérrez. Hector Tontz, a young man who has lived life on the fringes of society and has made bad decisions just to survive. Carter Nix and Aubry Taylor, two incredibly lost souls whose addiction to drugs and to one another has become destructive and paralyzing.

Though the suspects fit a profile, they and their situations are far more complicated than anyone would have initially believed. As is true for the victims themselves. As Russ and Barb Skokie – divorced and estranged – arrive to both bury their son Matt, and seek a measure of justice for his killing, they discover their son may have been far from an innocent bystander in his own murder.

Watching Russ and Barb Skokie deal with the murder of their son raised some serious questions from the viewers, including, ‘how well do you really know your children?,’ ‘does being a certain race and class automatically mean you are guilty until proven innocent?’ and many more tough questions.

“American Crime” stars Felicity Huffman as Barb Hanlon, Timothy Hutton as Russ Skokie, W. Earl Brown as Tom Carlin, Richard Cabral as Hector Tontz, Caitlin Gerard as Aubry Taylor, Benito Martinez as Alonzo Gutiérrez, Penelope Ann Miller as Eve Carlin, Elvis Nolasco as Carter Nix, Johnny Ortiz as Tony Gutiérrez and guest starring Regina King as Aliyah Shadeed.

Following American Crime, was a question and answer session with Timothy Hutton, John Ridley and Michael J. McDonald where one of the topics discussed was what made Timothy Hutton choose top play the role of Russ Skokie. Check out the video below.

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