Jade Roper From The Bachelor Speaks Out About Playboy and Being Eliminated

By on February 17, 2015

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The Bachelor’s, Jade Roper appeared on Good Morning America where she spoke about being eliminated on the most recent episode of The Bachelor with Chris Soules. As one of the final four women remaining on The Bachelor, Jade Roper took Chris Soules home to meet her family and that is where it all went wrong. While Jade revealed to Chris she posed for Playboy during the hometown dates, that wasn’t what sent her packing (at least that’s what Chris claims), it was what her family had to say that scared him off.

According to Soules, who has a blog on People.com, he felt Jade really understood where he was from and what life in Arlington would be like. Unfortunately, after speaking to her family, Chris quickly realized he didn’t know the real Jade. Jade’s family referred to her as a “free spirit,” and her brother called her a “wild mustang.” At the point she was referred to as a ‘free spirit,’ Chris did not know about Jade’s Playboy spread, maybe that is what her family was referring to?

While Chris wanted some edge in his future wife and he claims to like to have fun, Jade misrepresented herself. She showed the opposite of the Jade Chris had seen up until that point. Jade came off as this quiet, shy girl and she was anything but that. Soules was disturbed by the fact that the Jade he knew was so different from what her family was describing. He was also disturbed by her brother’s concern that Jade would be willing to move back to a small town. Chris felt he really didn’t know the ‘real Jade.’

We have the interview with Jade below where she reveals what the show is really like,  she discusses her Playboy photos, who she thinks will walk away with the final rose from Chris Soules and much more.

Check out the photos from Jade Roper’s Playboy spread here.

Question: Is the show at all like what we see on television? Jade said there is so much that goes on, but the majority of everything is covered on television.

Question: Chris said the playboy photos would not effect his decision, do you think the photos had any affect on his decision? Jade said she felt Chris Soules was being honest. When she didn’t get the rose, Chris explained that her Playboy photos weren’t the reason she was sent home.

Question: Could you really see yourself living life on a farm?  Jade revealed ‘that is something I have always wanted for my children, because that is how I grew up.’

Who does Jade think will receive the final rose?  Jade thinks that Whitney is the final one. She is there for the right reasons.

What do you think about what Jade Roper had to say? Do you think she misrepresented herself on The Bachelor? She definitely came off as very shy and not the type to pose for Playboy.

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