The Bachelor Recap 2/9/15 – Week 6 – Who Goes Home? Did Kelsey Get Eliminated?

By on February 9, 2015
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Following last week’s insanity on The Bachelor, with Chris Soules, this week’s episode of the hit reality series will continue in the same place as last week.  We will finally find out for sure if Kelsey suffered from an anxiety attack or if she will be receiving an Oscar for her most recent performance? Her first performance was the crocodile tears where she played the grieving widow. That was her way of getting Chris Soules to keep her around for another week.  If you missed last week’s episode of The Bachelor we have the complete recap here.

Kelsey comes back to the other women and tells them she had a panic attack because of all the stress. She used her panic attack as a way to speak to Chris and when he came in the bathroom to see her, she asked him if she was the reason he cancelled the cocktail party. She is so sure of herself and gives herself – way too much credit.

Chris claims he is not there looking for drama – which explains why he kept Kelsey?? Not really. Kelsey feels as though she deserves a one on one date because she ‘earned it.’  Whitney confronts Kelsey about her strange behavior at the rose ceremony – her laughter and her panic attack. The women tell Kelsey that her behavior is different with them than it is with Chris. She apologizes but tells the camera, she didn’t come there for the other women – she is there for Chris.

The nine remaining women are left to accompany Chris to Deadwood, still hoping to be “the one.” When they arrive, Becca, who has remained low-key up until now, finds out that she will be the lucky woman going on a one-on-one date. She and Chris meet at the foot of the Black Hills National Forest where he is looking forward to a first kiss. Their romantic horseback ride ends with an intimate dinner in front of a crackling campfire. They share plenty of laughs, but things turn serious when the couple gets cozy. Becca has also revealed she is a virgin, like Ashley I., will that have an effect on the couple getting cozy?  Becca is the only girl who hasn’t kissed Chris, but for some reason she is nervous, claiming it’s because she is a virgin. Not sure what that has to do with a kiss – but okay Becca. The couple finally have their first kiss and Becca said it felt right.

The group date with Big & Rich happens and the ladies find out they need to write and perform their own love songs in front of a live audience. Most of them come down with a major case of stage fright.  Britt seems quite at home, as she steals some red-hot kisses from The Bachelor in front of the other bachelorettes. Chris starts things off with an off-key rendition of his song about his journey to find love. The women go on stage, one at a time, attempting to sing their hearts out in a struggle to earn Chris’ attention. Later Chris and the ladies go to the bar, where they celebrate the ladies performances.

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