The Blacklist TV Recap 2/26/15 “The Deer Hunter”

By on February 27, 2015
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Last week on The Blacklist…the leader of a religious militia vanished and Reddy informed the team that the group made their money hiding illegal goods on their property. Soon afterwards policemen are killed by apparent members of the group so the FBI invades the property to find all the members murdered and all the materials they were storing gone. It seems the male children who’d been cast out so the older men could have more women returned to kill all the adults and begin carrying out their planned attack on the world. Liz and Ressler are taken but using the GPS in the missiles that were stolen, Reddy is able to track them and the FBI rescues them. The leader is killed by one of his own when trying to surrender.

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We open with Liz teaching a class. Makes sense. Those who can’t do… Wait. Are we really using her profiling skills, which have been used about twice three times in two year, this being the third? She’s explaining the motivations of a serial killer called “The Deer Hunter” and we get to watch said killer in gory detail. To get Liz to reveal what she knows about The Fulcrum, Reddy makes Liz a deal: he’ll help her catch The Deer Hunter and in return she’ll tell what she knows. The first thing he does is burst her profiler bubble and tell her that she’s wrong about the gender. The Deer Hunter is actually a woman. As she tries to refute it, he shuts her down. Wow. That’s two jobs she’s no good at. Actually no one is good at their jobs, because someone from Liz’s lecture is able to get into the morgue to take a picture of the body. It’s a Federal building. He turns out to be a reporter for a ragsheet who points out to Liz that there are two different killers, not one. Wow. Everyone is better at this than Liz.

Elsewhere in things Liz can’t do well, the cop who’s investigating the murder of the poor old harbor master Tom killed calls to let her know he’s getting a Federal Judge to give him access to her. Countdown to Reddy making this go away….3…2…1…

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