Criminal Minds Recap 2/4/15 – “Hero Worship”

By on February 5, 2015
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This week’s episode of Criminal Minds opens at the BAU Headquarters, we see Reid playing a game of chess at his desk, while Rossi is shutting off his lights and closing the door behind him. The rest of the team has gone home for the evening, and Rossi instructs Reid to do the same. As Rossi walks away, Reid is compelled to sit there and stare at the miniature chess board. The next time we see Reid, he’s pouring himself a cup of coffee, then he rushes back to his desk to continue on with his chess game.

The Coffee Bean Shop, Indianapolis, Indiana, the focus is on a male waiter, who can’t seem to catch a break from his customers and line cook. No matter what he does, his orders are constantly wrong and everyone in the coffee shop are noticeably upset with him. When he can catch a break, he asks an elderly man and women what they would like to order. The women immediately asked, if anything on the menu is Gluten Free. When her husband hears her request he immediately becomes upset, and the two begin to banter about her food choices. Meanwhile, the waiter is still standing there with his pen and paper in hand, you can feel the temperature rising, and “his” explosion about to happen…boom! Before our eyes, we see the coffee shop windows break and the rest of the shop crumbles to the ground.

By now, the news has hit the BAU Headquarters, Garcia is conducting this week’s slide show, while the entire team has already been assembled around the conference room table. They’re all standing, as Garcia informs the agents that there was a bomb in an elementary school, which exploded killing a male janitor. The news footage, of this bombing, is being shown on the screen behind Garcia, as it mixes in with the most recent bomb at the Coffee Bean Shop. At the elevator, the team begins to theorize about the unsub’s motives, as they prepare for their trip to Indianapolis, Indiana.

Meanwhile, the unsub, James Burke is working alone in his basement, he has the news feed of his bombing playing on his television set, as he continues to construct another bomb. We see a large map hanging on his wall with noticeable local landmarks circled in red.

Later that day, the team has arrived in Indianapolis, Hotch has instructed Reid to go to the hospital to speak with any witnesses from the coffee shop. When Reid walks through the double-doors, he is greeted by a Jordan Aguliar. Jordan is lying on a gurney, in the hallway, and has noticeable injuries from the accident. He asks Reid to find his father, Pat, because he can’t seem to locate him. Reid is too happy to obliged, so when he’s suddenly confronted with a doctor, Reid relays Jordan’s request. The doctor is short to tell Reid her patient didn’t make it through surgery, and she’s about to relay the news to his family.

By now, JJ and Callahan are at the Archer home, JJ is complementing Allen Archer for being a hero, since he ran into the coffee shop to save a pregnant lady. Because of his heroics, the lady was able to give birth to a healthy baby boy. Brenda, who’s Allen’s wife, is sitting beside him on the couch, she is noticeably proud of her husband. While Allen tells the agents about his story, JJ notices several photos of a serviceman proudly displayed on the fireplace mantle. She asks aloud, who’s the man in the photos? Brenda quickly answers JJ, Grant was my first husband, he died in combat. By now, the reporters are growing by the moment, and Allen realizes it’s time to pick up their daughter, Hannah from school. JJ and Callahan offer to make a quick statement to the press on their behalf.

Meanwhile, Rossi and Reid are in a laboratory with a forensic specialist, Dylan Einstein, she’s breaking down the components of the homemade bomb, which are eerily similar to each other, which were both used in the elementary school bombing, as well as the coffee shop bombing.

Later that evening, Allen and his wife Brenda are alone in their bedroom. Brenda is praising Allen about being a hero, when Hannah breaks their private love fest. She tells her parents she heard a noise and wants to join them in their room. Without missing a beat, Brenda jumps out of bed and brings Hannah back to her room. Last minute decision, Allen decides he wants to go to the store.

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