Dance Moms Recap 2/3/15- Season 5, Ep.5- Hello Hollywood, Goodbye Abby

By on February 3, 2015

“Dance Moms” is taking us to Hollywood and Abby Lee Miller is all about making her girls stars. Well, mainly Maddie, Mackenzie and Kalani but who is really keeping tabs on that? You can keep up with “Dance Moms” here.


The Abby Lee Dance Company is heading to their new studio in California but Abby has spent more time focusing on some of the girls and neglecting others, like Kendall and Nia. Holly wants to know that if they change their whole lives for dance that Abby will be a good manager, as she has assumed that role for all the girls. Abby has not been happy for the past two weeks because her team has come in second place for the group awards.

It has also been hard because Abby brought in two dancers, Sarah and JoJo to fill in some missing shoes but we really don’t know if they will be making the move. Tonight, the ALDC heads on over to Los Angeles to compete against a top West Coast dance team. At the same time, Abby sets up an audition with a casting agent for the girls but the pressure of L.A. proves to be too great and Abby suffers a breakdown.

The girls and Abby arrive to Los Angeles and Abby is not happy with the dance studio they are renting. As per Abby’s usual move, she chooses to go m.i.a. and sit in her car speaking to her lawyer, rather than handling it.

The Dance Moms are not happy with how Abby is handling the situation. Only 3 days until their competition and Abby is m.i.a. ┬áThe moms think Abby is afraid and Holly is beside herself saying Abby had two years to prepare for this, how could she drag everyone out to L.A. and not have a plan. She has a valid point – Abby needs to take care of the moms and their children. Instead, Abby tells them she may have to fly back home to take care of a few things.

The girls finally get to practice with Abby’s assistant, but it isn’t the same. It is hard to watch Abby, this strong woman, completely fall apart. She looks like a mess and is barely keeping it together. Abby gets the girls an audition and

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