Jane the Virgin Recap: Chapter Fourteen 2/16/2015

By on February 16, 2015


A twenty-year-old Jane announces she’s going to the University of Miami to Xio and Alba, as a younger Rafael talks to his father and Luisa about his own plans- or lack thereof, and Emilio is less than thrilled about his lack of a professional future . Xio and Alba are proud of their girl. Emilio is disappointed in Rafael.


Modern day: Jane and Rafael look over baby gifts as they plan a baby shower. They realize that they’re planning not to move in yet so they may need two of everything. Michael arrives to talk to Rafael about Sin Rostro. Michael admits Sin Rostro is Rose and Rafael lets him in. He goes over all of his findings. Michael is still convinced Emilio is involved. He gets Luisa’s information from Rafael so he can talk to her. They realize Luisa’s probably in danger over all this. Meanwhile at the psychiatric hospital, Luisa plans to escape.  Jane goes home to tell Xiomara about the news. Rogelio stops by to tell them he’s probably going to take the Mexico job, but he has a new job offer to act in his rival Esteban’s telenovela.  At the new hotel, Petra arrives to talk to Rafael and a manager tries to kick her out as per Rafael’s request. Jane visits Rafael and overhears him talking about his father and getting Luisa out of the hospital. She leaves just in time to see Petra arrive. Petra tells Rafael she’s the new co-owner of the hotel and her first act is making him a silent partner at the hotel. Downstairs, Michael warns the workers about Emilio and tells them to tell him if he’s seen him anywhere. He tells Jane to be careful. She goes to see Rafael and sees him talking to someone and telling them to lay low in a penthouse across from his. She goes to investigate who’s in the other room- it’s apparently Roman. She runs away.


She gets to the lobby and runs into Michael. She blurts that she’s seen Roman. Michael drags her up to Rafael’s penthouse to investigate. ‘Roman’ steps out from behind Rafael and introduces himself as Aaron, Roman’s twin brother. Jane’s understanding, Michael isn’t happy. Rafael admits hiding him because Aaron used to be in trouble with a Mexican drug cartel. Rafael takes Jane out of the room and Jane apologizes, but Rafael’s not happy that she so much as knocked on Aaron’s door. She comes clean about the mystery call that Rafael got. He leaves to get Luisa out of the hospital. Meanwhile, Luisa goes over her escape plan and then goes through with it. She makes it out just as Rafael arrives to sign her out.


Rafael gets Luisa packed up, then tells her that Rose is Sin Rostro. She’s immediately short of another breakdown. At the hotel, Lena helps plan Jane’s baby shower. Jane comes clean about worrying about her and Rafael living together. Lena hands over a questionnaire that’s supposed to be fun, but it ends up for too serious for Jane. Upstairs, Luisa opens a letter from Rose- where Rose reveals the location of Emilio’s body to her. Jane goes to see Rafael. He’s still upset about the lack of trust in him, and she lets it slip about not knowing any of the answers on the questionnaire about him. They make up, and he gets a phone call from Luisa downstairs. She explains the location bit.


Luisa goes to the station to give her statement about Rose. Turns out that at the dinner Emilio was laying into Rafael was the day that Luisa found out that Rose was dating Emilio since Rose showed up to that dinner as well. At the hotel, Jane tries to figure out how to help Rafael with mourning his father. Meanwhile, Luisa gets a call from Rose. She’s sorry about dragging her into this and has a question for her.


The next day, Jane checks in on Rafael at the funeral, then leaves. Rafael goes to comfort Luisa. He reluctantly asks her business question- he wants to get her third of the business to get more control over the hotel than Petra. Luisa is furious and wants nothing to do with the hotel- or him, at least for the moment. At Xiomara’s house, Jane talks to Rogelio about the last few days. He silently admits that his decision depends on what Xiomara feels. Jane tries to get them to talk it out, but both are headstrong about revealing their real feelings about the ordeal until Rogelio comes clean. Xiomara blurts that she has strong feelings for him and wants him to stay, and he agrees to stay and take the other telenovela job so he can stay with her. Alba explains that people need to feel safe to open up and be vulnerable to other people. Jane admits doubting Rafael feels safe with her. She wants to fix it. At the board meeting, Rafael is prepped to tell Petra he has his sister’s shares. But Luisa has a new plan- she’s giving her shares to Petra. Turns out after their discussion, Petra played Luisa right into her hands by playing the comforting friend.


Petra’s high on power when she steps into the elevator and sees Aaron. She starts to panic, then Aaron explains who he is and says Roman’s told him all about her, then leaves. Back at Xio’s house, Xio offers to have sex with Rogelio since he’s made a commitment now. At the police station, Nadine brings a file with a new development in to Michael. Shortly after, Michael visits with Rafael and explains they checked Luisa’s phone and it turns out Rose asked Luisa to run away with her. Nadine checks in- Luisa is gone. That night upstairs, Jane goes to talk to Rafael to tell him she loves him. Rafael says it back and kisses her. Rafael admits being so upset because he remembers Emilio calling him a disappointment and he’s tried so hard to change it and he’s worried he failed. The next morning, Rafael wakes up Jane. He’s filled out the baby questionnaire so they would get to know each other more. He suggests moving in together. Jane’s taken aback.


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