Jon Stewart Leaving The Daily Show at the End of 2015

By on February 10, 2015

Jon Stewart is leaving his hit show, The Daily Show. The host of the half hour news satire television program, since 1999, is responsible for making the show more strongly focused on politics and the national media.

'jon stewart daily show ending in 2015'

Comedy Central just sent out this official statement confirming the news, saying that Stewart will remain with The Daily Show until the end of the year.  Comedy Central  also said the show will “endure for years to come,” suggesting that it won’t end with Stewart.

Jon Stewart joins a number of talk show hosts who have (or will be) retired from their long running talk shows including, Stephen Colbert, who will be replacing David Letterman, who will leave his talk show, The Late Show with David Letterman, after more than 30 years as host of the show.

Stewart has a knack for mocking what everyone is talking about in the news. This week he spent more than eight minutes making fun of the media and Brian Williams, following Williams admission that he tends to exaggerate a bit when giving the news. From saying he was shot at in Iraq, to saying he saw a dead body floating down the street in Katrina.

Stewart is reportedly the highest paid talk show host, earning between $25 – $30 million dollars a year.

Stewart is not only a talk show host but also an actor, having appeared in several movies. He is also the creator of The Colbert Report that was on air from 2005 – 2014.

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