Sister Wives Recap 2/8/15- Anthropologists Move In/ Robyn-Behind the Scenes

By on February 8, 2015
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“Sister Wives” has two brand-new episodes tonight and it is probably a good distraction from the family scandal that has been going on. You can keep up with “Sister Wives” right here.


On this new season of “Sister Wives,” the moms are dealing with five of their kids being away at school. Yet, only two went back to Utah: Mariah and Madison. The other three are staying in Las Vegas and attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. That is also the school where first wife Meri is planning on finishing her degree in psychology, much to the surprise of her family. To fill in the void in Christine’s house, her mother has moved in with her but she is not involved with the polygamist culture anymore. We are seeing a lot of bickering between the wives and Kody and the idea that four separate homes takes away from the whole aspects of being sister wives. They are no longer consistently involved in the daily lives of everyone’s kids.

Now, this could all be build-up for what we now know is a huge game-changer for the Brown family. It recently was revealed that Meri and husband Kody filed for divorce and within days, he applied for a marriage license for fourth wife Robyn and himself. The Browns are saying that it is really just a legal thing as Robyn came in to the family with three kids from a prior marriage. Kody is supposedly trying to protect the three children from Robyn’s ex and this is the only way to do that. This means that the last wife becomes the first and only legal wife while the other three just continue with their spiritual commitment. Now, I think that there is more that they are not telling us but TLC is prepping fans with a Robyn special tonight following the regularly scheduled episode.

In the 9p.m. airing, two anthropology students from UNLV move in with the Browns to study their polygamist lifestyle. At the same time, Madison is confronted about her decision to join a non-polygamist religion. To add to the tension, two of the teen boys get in a fight, but have conflicting stories about what happened. At 10p.m., we get a look at Robyn’s journey examines the highs and lows of her time with the Browns since joining the family in 2010.

Keep reading to see if there are any signs of marital trouble!

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