The Bachelor With Chris Soules Season Finale Recap 3/9/15 – The Winner Is….

By on March 9, 2015
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The Bachelor with Chris Soules has finally ended its journey. The farmer from Iowa has chosen the final woman of his dreams and she has accepted the final rose.

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Becca Tilley and Whitney Bischoff have made it to the final two women. On the season finale of The Bachelor, we will see Becca and Whitney head to Iowa to meet Chris’ family. In a three hour television event, we will watch as Chris Soules’ journey to find love comes to an end.

What can we expect on tonight’s episode of The Bachelor? As Chris prepares to choose between Becca and Whitney, he realizes he is in love with two women. Becca, who has never been in love, and Whitney, who has an amazing career that she loves. Will she really be able to give up her career for a man? Soules brings both women to meet his family in hopes their insight will help him make the biggest decision of his life.

Chris goes home and hopes his family can help him to make a decision. Whitney is the first woman to meet Chris’ family. Before she goes in to the house, Whitney tells Chris how much she loves him.

Whitney wins over Chris’ family with an emotional toast. Chris’ mom has a heart to heart with Whitney and Whitney tells her she is looking for a mom and dad, ever since her parents passed away. Chris’ family loves Whitney – will they feel that way after they meet Becca.

Chris confesses to his Dad his struggle of the heart. He explains how torn he is by strong feelings for both women and his heart is pulling him in two different directions.

Chris has strong feelings for Becca. When Becca is introduced to Chris’ family, they are skeptical about whether she is ready to take the final step and get engaged and move to Arlington. Still, they can see that Chris is smitten.

Becca doesn’t have any plans on moving to Arlington until she is sure he is the one. Chris’ sisters are nervous that Becca doesn’t want to move to Arlington. Chris tells his sisters he knows what he feels for her but his sisters want him to make sure she is the right person for him.  Becca tells Chris’ mother that she is not at the point where she is in love with Chris. Chris’ mother points out to Becca that the feelings she is having for her son are love. Becca loves Chris’ family but she isn’t ready to accept a proposal.

Chris’ dad said it best – ‘Whitney is the sure thing but Becca is the one he wants.’

Keep reading to see what happens on The Bachelor.

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