Criminal Minds Recap 3/25/15 – “Rock Creek Park”

By on March 26, 2015
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This week’s episode of Criminal Minds opens with a professionally dressed women by the name of Sophie Troy talking to someone on her cell phone, as she walks through the US Capitol Tunnel, and into oblivion. Sophie has been missing for more than 12 hours, so the BAU has been notified of her abduction, and is working on her case.

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This week’s slideshow opens with photos of Congressman Benjamin and Sophie Troy displayed on the wall screen. Garcia informs the team that Sophie is a Healthcare lawyer, who is married to a Washington, DC Congressman. Without missing a beat, Hotch interjects and informs the agents that finding Sophie alive is high priority. With that said, he ques the surveillance video of Sophie’s last known whereabouts, we see her walking through the tunnel. All is going well until the agents receive word that Congressman Troy is in the BAU offices, Hotch is whisked away to his office.

After a few minutes of Hotch asking Congressman Troy questions about his wife disappearance, Garcia knocks on Hotch’s door to let him know, after reviewing the surveillance tape, the footage appears to be old, and the film had been running on a loop. The congressman begins to panic; but this news has the agents beginning to brainstorm, and they come up with the scenario: she must have been abducted in a public place, so her abduction wouldn’t spark any attention.

By now, Madison Young, a local reporter, is outside of the BAU Headquarters breaking news of the congressman’s wife possible abduction. Hotch is still in his office, in conversation,  with the Congressman when JJ rushes in with her cell phone, in hand, and passes along to Hotch. The agents unanimously agree, Sophie has been abducted. By whom, Rossi, Reid and Hotch are trying to figure out the obvious. Rossi’s sources point to a popular Russian crime ring, so the Bureau hand pick’s Reid to follow up on this lead.

The next time we see Reid, he’s walking to an all brick apartment building. He walks in the front door, and up a flight of stairs to apartment number 214. He pauses for a moment before he knocks a couple of times. A red-headed women, by the name of Roman Azarof, answers the door. She is wearing a plaid bathrobe, and doesn’t speak a word to Reid. She quickly unchains the door, and rushes him into the living room, which is filled with mixed-matched apartment furniture with a hint of computer equipment as accessories. Reid is continuing to make conversation with Roman, as she begins to take off her bathrobe, and rattles off information about the Russian drug lords, which she has under surveillance across the apartment complex. Cute alert: Reid and Roman have a sweet bonding moment over Charles Dickens’ “Great Expectations” novel…when Russian communications breaks into their love of books. Roman rushes to her seat, because she realizes Taras Yudin, the prime suspect in this investigation, and his Russian counterpart are approaching their apartment building.

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