Dig Recap 3/5/15 – Series Premiere

By on March 5, 2015


DIG is a new series on the USA Network. DIG is an action thriller that tells the story of a murder mystery set against the backdrop of modern day Jerusalem, a city shrouded in ancient intrigue.

FBI agent Peter Connelly has had his fair share of heartbreak. Anxious to leave his personal demons behind, Peter takes a job stationed in Israel under the guidance of his new boss, and occasional lover, Lynn Monahan. When he sets out to solve the murder of a young American, Peter soon finds himself embroiled in an international mystery that delves into the Holy Land’s darkest secrets. What he discovers is a conspiracy thousands of years in the making that threatens to change the course of history. While Peter races to figure out what it all means, he quickly finds that he may not be the only one searching for answers.

The pilot kicks off in Norway with two men asking if something has started. One waves over a group of Jews, who then check in on a dying cow.One utters that ‘the prophecy has begun’, and they all leave. An older man talks to a younger, who promises he won’t let the older one down. The younger man is given something by a rabbi: it’s a gun.
Two months later, Peter and Lynn are in Jerusalem. They have a conversation where it’s revealed Peter’s been there for seven months, but he still hasn’t unpacked. Lynn goes to unpack his suitcase for him, and he chases her off. He calls someone- assumingly an ex-wife, and even if he doesn’t say anything, she insists he needs to stop doing this. He hangs up and spots a news report about an Yussef Kahlid, a wanted felon who is now in Israel and just happens to be around for a new string of crimes. He’s been tracking Kahlid. Later, he plays soccer with neighborhood kids. He meets up with a coworker, who has possibly seen Kahlid. They go to arrest him, but his coworker is skeptical because their methods may be illegal. Peter doesn’t seem to care. He meets a local cop who doesn’t want him there. Both of them spot Khalid escaping and run to catch him. Peter loses track of him, then sees a pink-haired woman. He freezes and she disappears it no the crowd. He runs to catch up to find the local cop has caught Khalid.
In New Mexico, a young child draws something. A woman and man, Pastor Billingham watch him do so from a two-sided mirror. The man insists the boy turns thirteen tomorrow and it’s time. The woman insists he’s not ready because the boy’s still hearing voices and just needs a friend. He goes inside to talk to the boy. He explains his parents aren’t coming to get them- they’re dead. He goes on a spiel that the boy’s here for a reason, and the time to find out is now. Back with Peter and Lynn, they’re in deep trouble with the jurisdiction issue. Their boss isn’t happy and she makes sure Peter knows it. He goes to a bar and the bartender chats him up a bit and offers him a drink. He sees the pink-haired girl and follows her, but loses her again quickly.He’s discouraged and steps out, only for the pink-haired girl to find him to check on him. She points out she saw him earlier chasing their suspect. She goes to leave, and he asks where she’s headed. She offers to let him walk her home and he accepts. In New Mexico, the female scientist checks on the boy, Josh. The boy asks if she knew about his parents. The woman insists she cares about him. The boy asks why he had to be chosen for what’s going on. She says it’s his destiny. He says he heard the other boy again- it wasn’t a dream, it was talking. He wants to go back to ‘The Place’, but she argues they’ll get in trouble, but caves and takes him to it. It’s a closed in yard. He starts pulling at the grass and she hurries him back inside. With Peter and the girl, she goes on how Jerusalem is bigger than it seems, from a philosophical standpoint. She sees the ring and asks if he’s married. He admits about being divorced. She interuces herself as Emma Wilson, and explains she’s a student working on a dig in town. She tells him to close his eyes and concentrate to feel his surroundings. He admits that he doesn’t feel the place and it’s ‘just a place he works.’ She says that’s why they met and has him follow her again. They go to her dig site- the supposed location of the Arc of the Covenant. He asks if so many people have been looking for it, why hasn’t it been found? “Because they’re looking in the wrong place.”
They continue on their way. She insists people need to follow the water. She leads him to a lake and goes on about how it was believed that the water would cleanse people of their sins and heal them. She strips down and jumps in. Peter is stunned for a while, then she talks him into getting into the water. When he gets in, she’s gone again, til she surfaces and kisses him. He denies going further, so she asks why he followed her. He admits she reminds him of someone he used to love. She wants to say something, but they hear someone coming so they clear out. That is, until she realizes it’s almost 4am and no one’s supposed to be around- especially in the tunnel they’re in since it’s off limits. They follow the voices and find a goat, then a man takes the goat away. They follow the man to a group of men who are in a circle. The men sacrifice the goat and Peter and Emma merely balk at the sight. In town, Kahlid talks with the local cop. The cop pulls something up from a briefcase- what looks like an ornate box. Khalid is stunned, but tries to play it off. Across town, Peter tries to call in the cult activity but Emma tells him not to. He accepts that. They part awkwardly until she hugs him. Peter’s not sure how to take it. She slips something into his back pocket and leaves. Later, Peter plays a message from ‘Vicki’ on his phone. The girl says she’ll be coming home ‘this’ weekend. He looks haunted, so she clearly didn’t make it home that weekend, or something happened shortly after. Elsewhere, the young man from earlier gets up in a barn. He’s planning a journey to Jerusalem. One of them men who was with him arrives and says he’s going fishing. Back with Peter, he checks into work to find the local cop there. They’ve apparently found a body around town and think it involves their common case. Peter checks the photos of the victim and it’s Emma. He leaves in a hurry. At the compound with Josh, he pretends to sleep, then when none of the adults are around he sneaks out and goes to the yard again. He locks himself out, then tries an escape plan. At the FBI building, Peter checks in with Lynn. She admits she figured out about the connection, but thinks it’s more of a love connection, and he says it’s not. Peter hears the local cop, Cohen, is going to Emma’s place and insists he should come along- now they’re partners.

They talk to Emma’s landlord, only to find out she mostly kept to herself. Peter finds a book about Jerusalem’s secrets, written by her sponsor on the dig. Peter finds small sketchbooks. Cohen find the location of her latest dig and they go talk to the writer, Ian to check in out. Ian seems to have forgotten she existed. Peter’s not happy. Ian dismisses being so indifferent with being caught up with work. He walks them out of the area. Cohen asks Peter what he’s not telling him. Peter plays dumb, but Cohen doesn’t fall for it. Peter goes off on his own to check back in the tunnel he and Emma were at before. Back at the compound, the pastor and another worker talk about their plans for Josh. He gets a call from a rabbi, who tells him the cow will be picked up the next day. He says they have a young boy watching the cow, but they’ll ‘take care of it- and any trace of him.’ A worker tells the pastor Josh is gone. They blame his coworker who had befriended the boy.

Peter arrives at the hotel lobby the next day to get an envelope. He stuffs something inside and asks for it to be kept safe. Lynn meets him in the lobby and snaps at him for lying about being okayed on the case and for going out with Cohen. She says solving the case won’t bring her daughter back. She wants to help him, but keeping him off a leash won’t help. Peter says he know it won’t bring the daughter back, but work is the only thing that’s keeping him alive. She asks him to escort Khalid to the airport and the other agency’s hands to make sure nothing goes wrong. Cohen heads back into work and is told he needs to give back a certain piece of evidence. He leaves and goes to an apartment. Across town, Peter and the officer he’s with come across a road block. He instructs the officer to go around it. With Cohen, his uncle comes out of one of the rooms. He asks what he can do for Cohen. Cohen presents the box they showed Kahlid. His uncle is beside himself, then points out that stones are missing from it. Cohen asks how he knows about it- his uncle says it’s the High Priest’s Breastplate- something he used to communicate with God. He claims if it fell into the wrong hands, imagine the possibilities. Cohen asks if he’s ‘the wrong hands.’ Cohen leaves to tell Peter the news. Peter’s just as skeptical about the God angle. Cohen asks to have Khalid brought back in for more questioning. Peter says it’s too late, then hears Khalid praying in the back. He puts the pieces together a moment too late, because he sees a car rushing at them at full speed out of the corner of his eye before it collides with them.

At the compound, Josh’s caretaker cries over losing him. She lays in his bed, then freezes when she hears a boy’s voice. She goes in pursuit of who she assumes is Josh. She checks one room and finds a young boy. She unloads on him, then asks who he is. The boy answered that his name is Josh and he lives there. She’s stunned. Meanwhile, the real Josh runs across an open plain. He gets caught by one of the pastor’s people. The woman says that his feet have touched the ground, and he’s soiled. She shoots him dead. In town, Peter drags himself out of the wrecked car. He runs off (pretty fast, for a guy who just survived a car accident where the car was totaled). He finds the car that hit them speeding away and tries to shoot out the windshield. He follows the car further, only to find it abandoned a few moment. He calls Lynn to explain what happened, then sees lights are on in a nearby apartment. He goes to check it out. The apartment ends up empty, but trashed. He heard a gun cock behind him and is told to hold up his weapon. He does and turns to find it’s Khalid. Kahlid tells him to empty his pockets. Whatever Emma gave him isn’t there. Kahlid tells him to turn around and get on his knees. He prepares to shoot Peter. Peter tells him to get it over with and shoot him, but when nothing comes, he turns around to find Kahlid is gone. Shortly after, another man comes to the door and knocks. Peter puts his hands up and says that the door’s open.

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