Kathy Griffin Talks Quitting Fashion Police – Lena Dunham Wrote Her Statement

By on March 16, 2015

Kathy Griffin appeared on The View on Monday, March 16, 2015 to defend her quitting The Fashion Police on the E! Network.

'kathy griffin quits fashion police'

Griffin is facing a lot of backlash following her resignation, with people saying she quit because she was going to be fired. There was also rumors that Kathy reached out to friends asking for their support. Kathy confirmed she did reach out to friends asking for their support since she was nervous about what people would say.

Kathy’s public statement was actually written by both Griffin and Lena Dunham,the ultimate feminist and the star of Girlson HBO.

Kathy Griffin decided to leave The Fashion Police because she didn’t feel that it was the right fit. She felt like she was being forced to say negative things about beautiful women and she said it just didn’t feel like the right fit for her. Kathy said the show is very much like a formula – where nothing is improvised. When she was hired, Griffin claims she was told she would have some input into what went on the show, but that never happened.

Kathy did defend herself with regards to the critics saying she has made fun of people and has said horrendous things. Why was the Fashion Police any different? She explained while she makes fun of Anderson Cooper all the time, she would never say Anderson is not a good journalist, claiming it’s all in context when she does her stand up routine. Griffin’s hope for the show was to discuss the events themselves and not put the people down.

When asked if the show should go on or if the show should end, Kathy didn’t answer directly and just re-iterated, “They (E!) have a very strict lane they want to be in and not a lot of improvising.”

What do you think about what Kathy had to say about her exit from The Fashion Police? Do you think she really was going to get fired and that’s why she quit??

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