The Real World: Skeletons Recap 3/3/15- Season 30, Ep. 12- Wine and Roses

By on March 3, 2015
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“The Real World: Skeletons” is actually going to make these roomies closer than any other season in my opinion. Having to deal with all these demons, some good and some bad has really bonded them. You can keep up with “The Real World: Skeletons” here.

Tony's MAD!

It started with Sylvia and her first skeleton which was her boss from back home. Then, it was Violetta’s turn with two enemies, one which Tony took a liking to and hooked up with. Tony’s turn was the most fun as he had two of his exes in the house along with new love Madison. He was going back and forth with the girls and it became exhausting. Sylvia told Madison to stop being played by Tony and she stood up for herself. Tony soon realized how much he cared about Madison and they are not an official couple. Wonder how long that will last.

It was then sibling time as Nicole’s two sisters (they are triplets) Sam and Ashley came to visit to deal with her commitment issues. Bruno started raging; his anger is out of control and he would have been thrown out in another season. So they brought in his brother Briah, whom he had not spoken to in three years over a can of tuna. When they reunited, they realized that blood was important and they needed to have each other’s backs. Madison was up next with her sister Rachel who felt alienated when Madison was in a downward spiral. They spent a week getting to know each other but it is not over yet. Someone else is coming for Madison and Tony is not happy about it at all.

Keep reading to see what happens!

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